What are the Different Options in Using Anal Plugs

An inflatable butt plug is a sex toy that will most gently and effectively prepare you for the first experience of anal sex or, if you are not a novice, will give you new bright sensations. Due to its small size, the anal dilator easily penetrates inside without causing much discomfort. You can pump air into the main plug, gradually increasing its size. This will be an excellent training for the walls of the anus and will allow the anus to easily get used to the new sensations. The valve at the base allows you to bleed the air out of the sex toy in seconds, as soon as you need it.

Apart from the fact that you can fully control the process of preparing your body for anal sex, you would feel some parts in this erogenous zone that the penis cannot reach for physiological reasons.

Vibrating Inflatable Butt Plugs for Additional Sensation

A nice addition to the inflatable butt plug is the vibrating function. You can easily choose for yourself a comfortable mode that can make your whole body feel the sexual tension and the subsequent orgasm. The suction cup at the base is useful if you want to enjoy the anal plug with the dilator alone. The remote control will allow you to change the modes of the toy without changing its position inside you, so it won’t interrupt you in the middle of your pleasure.

The modern world of sex products for adults is constantly expanding and is launching new progressive sex toys in the market, which sometimes makes us lose the set of functions added by the manufacturer. For those who prefer the classic versions of their favorite toys, you should can still find these even on some popular sex toys shops.

Just like the thrill that you may experience when meeting multiple sexual partners, with adult toys you may experience different facets of erotic pleasure. Stimulation of the anus requires a delicate and gentle approach, which is not always possible when using, for example, an anal plug with a vibration motor. Good thing, popular adult toys still offer these adult toys up to this date.

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The common Stimulators

The most common stimulators without the vibration feature are anal herringbone or a chain. There are also elastic beads of different diameter that are fastened together,  and easily penetrate into anus, pleasantly creating friction against its walls. You will get maximum pleasure if during vaginal orgasm, you slowly pull the ring at the base. This bright mixture of sensations will long remain in your memory. Regardless of what kind of sex toys you prefer, a prerequisite for a safe use is anal lubricant, which will save you from unpleasant situations. So, make sure to lube it up!

Experts say that fisting, in addition to really deep penetration, is a sign of trust in your partner. Without maximum trust and appropriate preparation, you will not be able to fully relax, which means you will not experience the whole range of feelings that this kind of stimulation can deliver.

Preparing your body for anal fisting will take some time and is impossible without  the help of special sex toys. In order to know the true feeling of fullness, you need to eventually try large anal plugs. Don’t worry because its cone-shaped form can help to gradually and gently train the expansion of the walls of your anus.

Giant dildos are considered to be very popular, which are perfect not only for anal but also for vaginal fisting. Its realistic form of artificial phallus can make you forget that you are dealing with a sex toy. Another common design is a hand shaped anus stimulator. This variant will bring you as close as possible to sensations similar to real fisting, or can even replace your partner.

A prerequisite for safe penetration is the use of anal lubricant. Lubrication will save you from injury and discomfort, so you can enjoy these toys. This is very important especially if you enjoy double penetration.

Erotic fantasies about sex together are very common, but not always feasible for various reasons. Double penetration vibrators can help to fulfill this sexual dream.

Anal-vaginal vibrating massager gives an unforgettable pleasure from the simultaneous stimulation of the anus and walls of the vagina. An anus stimulator in such a sex toy can be made in the form of an anal Christmas tree or large elastic beads that are suitable for those who are just mastering the beauty of anal sex.

Triple vibrator will conquer even the most sophisticated lovers of sex toys. The model, in addition to anal-vaginal stimulation, has an appendix intended for the clitoral region. The simultaneous impact on such responsive erogenous points can carry you to the summit of bliss.

Special attention should be paid to the material from which the vibrating massager is made. Each option has its advantages: hypoallergenic silicone is the safest option to use, the cyber skin material is as close to the human skin as possible, and the double gel vibrator will be the most pliable and soft sex toy you’ve ever met.

Every woman wants to feel new bright sexual emotions from time to time. One of the opportunities to experience this is to choose a large vibrator for you. Such a vibrating massager is able to give a feeling of fullness and endless pleasure, but it should be borne in mind that the giant vibrator is not the best option for the first sex toy.

Made from high-quality materials, the vibrator can be equipped with a venous pattern and a protruding head, which makes the model realistic, and also additionally massages the walls of the vagina.

Large models, like standard-sized vibrators, are equipped with all the necessary functions. You can purchase the variant with a remote or built-in control panel, as well as vibromassager with a large number of modes and powers of vibration.  Another great options is a suction dildo, which allows you to securely fix the vibrator on a hard surface and free your hands for the gentle caress of various erogenous zones. One of the important rules when using a large toy is lubrication. Foreplay allows natural lubrication to avoid pain, or you can use lubricants that are easily available anywhere.

Does Wearing a Butt Plug Make You Feel the Urge to Poop?

Unlike vaginal intercourse, anal penetration can get a tiny bit more tricky for beginners. Firstly, the anal canal is a lot tighter, and anal sex without a lot of lubrication is almost impossible. Well, not impossible, but certainly not as satisfying for both partners, as it can be really painful.

Another obvious thing to point out is the fact that the rectum is home to feces. Therefore, a lot of people fear anal stimulation. They think inserting a butt plug will force the poop to come out instantly. Fortunately, it’s not like that at all.

The rectal erogenous zone, just like genitals, is home to sensitive nerves. Butt play with silicone plugs will undoubtedly relax the anal muscles, which will lead to the feeling of taking a dump. But if the user’s been to the toilet before indulging in butt plug sex, the danger of getting feces on the anal toy or penis is close to none.

Different Ways to Use a Butt Plug Before Inserting It Into the Anus

Unlike its vibrating vaginal cousin, the butt plug is a toy with a special purpose. Namely, before indulging in any anal play, anal plug training is essential. And if you’re thinking: “how do butt plugs work,” we have some pretty useful tips for everyone interested.

Enjoying oral sex before doing booty stuff with these rectal toys can make for a perfect foreplay scenario. Allowing the partner to suck on the medical grade silicone, knowing it’s going inside of their butt later can prove to be great submissive play.

Just like oral stuff, preparing the body for what’s to come can be as useful for further enjoyment as well as for fantastic foreplay. It’s something like killing two birds with one stone. On top of that, playing with warm and/or cold water can make the human body feel good before enjoying a butt plug.

Aside from that, warming or cooling the toy can prove useful. After soaking the plug, touching the rim of the rectum and slowly going around it with the toy can help relax the muscles. Whether it’s the vibrating butt plug or the classic one, going slow in the beginning can prove vital for a better experience.

Moreover, teasing one another can, in some cases, be even more enjoyable than the act itself. Just like flirting, the feeling of anticipation can be the top prize. Therefore, preparation with anal plugs doesn’t need to be just work. It can be fantastic foreplay for both girls and boys.

Also, let’s remind everyone that safety is of utmost importance. There’s no need for excessive play — staying within the boundaries of both partners is a must.