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Fetish sex is like working at an intelligence agency. Many people are into it and even have a collection of tools — just like secret agents, but nobody dares to talk about it. That is why those who want to try this world of sex act are having a hard time choosing the right sex toys and tools for them. However, with the less-conservative culture of America, it’s now easier to satisfy your desires of any fetishes that you have. Most Americans freely talk about sex with their friends, thanks to different types of media. Sexuality is often represented through social media, memes, different TV shows, and what seems to be a taboo topic once becomes the new normal. That does not mean that we are not staying to help. In fact we have this website to help you discover what turns you on, and help you match with the perfect accessory that can satisfy your fantasies.

Our mission is to help novice kinkers and buyers make the right choices. We offer honest yet unbiased reviews on the top-rated butt plugs on the market. Through our balanced yet factual information on these sex toys, choosing what anal plug to buy is a piece of cake!