Hooking Up During a Pandemic

There’s no need to waste words and talk about 2020, is there? Most of us are pretty much in shock and can’t comprehend the gravity of the situation. Being unable to go to work or visit our friends and family is so depressing and strange. However, it gets even worse if you’re all alone and want to go out and hook up with someone.

Sex Life in 2020 BC (Before Corona)

Not that long ago, during the good old times, people were all over the nightlife scene. In wild clubs and fancy bars, men and women were looking for a quick hook up and easy sex afterward. Articles were full of sex tips and pieces of dating advice, but it all had to stop. The Covid-19 pandemic changed everything.

Nevertheless, sexual health was still as important as it is today. Using condoms and choosing sexual partners carefully was always the norm. No matter if you’re a member of the LGBTQ community or straight, taking STIs seriously is paramount to both your and your partner’s safety. It’s important not to forget that.

Either way, we don’t mean to bring you down. Things will change sooner or later, and we’ll get a chance to get back to our old ways at some point. A safe vaccine will eventually come our way, providing life with an opportunity to slowly but surely turn around. But until that day comes, it’s important to take care of your and your close ones’ safety.

What You Need to Know

It was back in late 2019 when we first heard about a novel virus. Still, it was all happening in some remote Chinese province, so no one took it seriously enough. But just like in a disaster movie, Covid-19 spread across the globe in no time. And by the beginning of March 2020, most countries in the world began to lockdown, making social distancing mandatory.

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You see, the novel coronavirus isn’t that lethal, but it spreads easier than most other infectious diseases. And since it’s so contagious and new, more people will die from it than its flu-like cousins. It’s a respiratory virus, meaning it attacks your lungs and can cause a severe form of pneumonia. The main symptoms are high fever, lack of smell and taste, dry cough, and muscle pain.

And although we’re getting closer to the vaccine, physical contact is still dicey. Sexual activities with people whom you’ve just met are more than dangerous. We know that it’s frustrating, but it’s the best we can do at the moment.

The New Normal

We understand how off-putting it all sounds, but we’re living in a different world compared to just a year ago. Most people don’t remember an event of similar magnitude during their lifetime. Nevertheless, we’re survivors, and we adapt. The same goes for this so-called new normal we live in today.

It might take a couple of years before we get back to not wearing masks and worrying whether we’ll get the virus. Sure, it sounds grim and dreary, but we need to take it as it is to make sure we make it. It’s a long-term process, and being in close contact with others might feel strange once it all comes back to normal.

Numerous pharmaceutical companies are working on vaccines, and some are closer than you think. However, we won’t be safe until there’s global herd immunity. That will take time since medical workers, first responders, and the elderly will get the shots in the first round of immunization. But don’t worry, we’ll all eventually be in a position to get them.

What Can You Do for Now?

When it comes to pandemic sex, there are certain things you can do to make sure you and your partner are safe. Sure, it’s best if you already have someone to keep you warm through these cold winter nights. But if you’re single, you might want to take things easier. The chance of contracting the virus is pretty big, so be smart.

One thing we can recommend is finding a constant partner. Not only is it a great life choice, but it will also make you avoid going into crowds of people looking for someone new every so often. That way, the two of you can enjoy each other without the need to go to dangerous parties and gatherings.

A long-term lover will help you overcome isolation and social distancing too. And just like with every new relationship, the first couple of months are the peachiest. Getting to know each other better, settling down, and dreaming about your future will break the unrelenting reality that surrounds us these days.

Final Words

No matter how dark it seems, the pandemic won’t last forever. Safe and effective vaccines are coming our way, so it’s important to hold on just a bit longer. Staying at home and avoiding big crowds is key to keep your health in check before the cavalry arrives. And if you can hook up with a long-term partner, the wait for normality will be even shorter. So don’t put down your guns yet — it’s not the end of the world just yet.