Safety Tips before you use a horse dildo

So, you have decided to try a bigger toy this time and it is a Horse Dildo. That’s a brave decision because not everyone dares to put something that exciting and intimidating inside a vagina or anus. It is a special sex toy designed for people who want to experience an extreme pleasure. It is available online and anyone can buy it.

However, you should be a little careful with this extra-large size thing. Horse dildos are must-have sex toys in everybody’s collection. You just need to find a safer way of putting it inside your hole and things will get more exciting. You know you are ready for it and you are going to try it.

So, pay attention to a few important tips before you use a horse dildo. These tips will make sure that you won’t experience discomfort and enjoy the company of horse dildos for prolonged periods.

Buying the best horse dildo:

Horse dildos are different than normal dildos. Every large size dildo is not a horse dildo. It comes with a flared head, wider girth, and long shaft. Look for these characteristics when buying a horse dildo.

This dildo is also made of various materials. You should go for a silicone-made dildo because it feels smooth, more realistic, and comfortable. Invest your money in something that can last for a long time because you will need it whenever you are alone. Check customer reviews, pick a reliable brand, and then place the order for a horse dildo. So far, LoveGasm has been one of the highly-recommended online store by our readers, so you should definitely give them a try.

How to use a horse dildo?

You may be trying a horse dildo for the first time. Its wide head and length may scare you, but do not worry about the size. You should take some time to prepare yourself for the insertion. The following tips will help you:

  • Begin with the foreplay:

We never go for the main course immediately after entering in a party. Erotic moments are just like that party which you want to enjoy in the best possible way. So, begin the session with foreplay. Engage oral sex and rubbing if you are enjoying those moments with your partner.

Use your fingers to begin the foreplay if you are alone. Get yourself aroused to be ready to do whatever it takes to soothe your erogenous cravings. Hold your regular-sized dildo and rub your clitoris, vagina, or anus with that dildo to get aroused. The natural lubes will flow inside those vaginal walls during the foreplay. That’s when you will be ready to insert something bigger inside your body.

  • Lube-up perfectly:

Always lube-up before you begin the solo play with a dildo. Lubricants make sure you won’t hurt your internal organs when putting an artificial object in there. Even though vagina naturally releases fluids, it can be quite tough to put a horse dildo in there. It will stick out and cause too much discomfort if you do not cover it in a lubricant.

Try water or oil-based lubes if you are using a silicone dildo and a silicone-based lube if you are putting a dildo made of glass, rubber, or jelly. You should also apply some lube over the entrance of the hole to slide that thing in smoothly. Lube can make a huge difference and that’s why it is an important part of solo play with sex toys.

  • Begin the play with a small dildo:

It is not wise to push horse dildo immediately after applying the lubricant. You need a little warm-up before inserting something that big. That’s where your regular-sized dildo can play an important role. Put it in and out to simulate natural sex. You will get aroused and excited enough to put a large dildo in your vagina.

  • Choose a comfortable position for your enjoyment:

There are many positions in which you can enjoy anal and vaginal plays. You can lie down on the bad and pretend to be in missionary position when that dildo is going in or get in doggy style to put that large dildo in your hole. Whatever position you select, make sure you can hold the dildo perfectly and push it in whenever you want.

Couples won’t face any problem because they can get things going in any position they want. Singles should use a horse dildo with suction cup. You can stick this dildo on a table to sit over it, on a wall to simulate doggy-style sex, and on a flat vertical surface to enjoy missionary. Pick a position that makes it easy to put that large flared head in your vagina. Once it is in there, the enjoyment will begin immediately.

  • Move it slowly in the beginning:

Erotic moments are the most comforting moments in life. You should never be in a hurry when masturbating or simulating natural sex with the help of a dildo. A horse dildo is quite large. Your anal or vaginal walls will take time to stretch and house it perfectly. Do not go rough with this thing because you may injure your internal organs.

First, push that flared head in. The lube will help you in sliding it conveniently. Reveal how it feels when a horse’s dick goes into your body, let it be there for a while, be comfortable, and then push it deeper. Push it in and out to simulate sex. That’s how your vagina will release more lubricating fluid to ease the discomfort. You will soon feel comfortable and then your lust will force you to go a little wild. Listen to your body’s demands and enjoy vaginal or anal play with the horse dildo.

Clean your sex toy once the play is over:

The session is going to last for several minutes because you won’t wish to stop it from penetrating your holes. You might experience the best orgasm of your life. Things will feel extremely satisfying and soon you will get it out of your body. Now clean it in warm and soapy water and let it dry. Store it on a dry spot to keep it ready for the next time.

5 American sex norms that Europeans will never understand

Europeans tend to see a lot of American ideals and behaviors as bizarre. In particular, they aren’t wild about our politics and our food (though they love our television and our movies). And when it comes to sex? Well, Europeans tend to view us as the land of the free, home of the batshit crazy. Below are some of the biggest sexual WTFs Europeans have about America.

1. Extreme violence in the media is fine, just don’t show a nipple.

According to reports, the average American child will see 200,000 violent acts and witness 16,000 murders on TV by the time she is 18. Not only that, but the violence is getting more brutal and sadistic, and it often goes unpunished. In video games like Grand Theft Auto, players can run over sex workers, and the violence in Call of Duty has been linked to teen suicides. While this is considered fine and normal, showing the naked or partially naked human body on TV is considered extremely taboo. When Justin Timberlake accidentally ripped off a piece of Janet Jackson’s costume during the Super Bowl halftime show, revealing her nipple for a fraction of a second, this not only caused a moral outrage that lasted for days, but the FCC tried to fine television network CBS $550,000 for broadcasting “indecency.” The FCC ultimately failed, but not first without going all the way to the Supreme Court. The nip slip incident became the most-searched-for thing on the Internet in 2004, and CBS actually forced Jackson to apologize to Americans. “I am really sorry if I offended anyone, that was truly not my intention,” Jackson said.

A Dutch friend who now lives in London also remarked on this disconnect between violence and nudity: “The movie Frida with Salma Hayek is rated R in the U.S. because of nudity, but in Holland it was 6 (for children 6 and older). But many violent movies are 16 in Holland and PG/PG-13 in the U.S. Why are boobs worse than death? How do boobs affect people negatively? Are they scary? Do they make people do bad things? I wanna know!”

2. Our puritan prudery.

Sex is everywhere. We can’t even sell a cheeseburger in the U.S. without overtly bonerrific images that are, frankly, confusing. Are we supposed to eat our food or have sex with it, Carl’s Jr.? And yet, we’re also so prudish that Attorney General John Ashcroft once spent $8,000 of taxpayer cash to cover up a statue’s breasts. We have spent billions on abstinence-only education programs that spread misinformation and shame teenagers into thinking sex is dirty and will ruin their lives forever. And instead of curbing the number of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections, the opposite happens. Compared to European countries, most of which boast comprehensive sex ed, easy access to birth control and universal healthcare, the U.S. has alarming teen pregnancy rates—41.5 per 1,000 people, as reported by the United Nations in 2009. By contrast, the Netherlands had a teen birth rate of 5.3 per 1,000, Switzerland is 4.3 per 1,000, and Germany is 9.8 per 1,000. Europeans also have have lower STI rates, and far lower rates of HIV/AIDS.

3. Our fear of hugs.

Research has shown that non-sexual physical contact has a profound impact on people’s emotional and physical well-being. Despite this knowledge, and our hyper-sexualized tendencies, America is one of the most touch-phobic countries in the world. A global study on touch rated the United States among “the lowest touch countries studied.” In contrast, the high-touch countries include Spain, France, Italy, and Greece. Some researchers think our fear of platonic touching actually leads to violence, particularly in young males. In one study, American adolescents were shown to touch each other far less and be more aggressive toward their peers compared with French adolescents.

While there are many reasons why Europe has a much lower violent crime rate than the U.S, could a lack of healthy physical connection add to this trend? In 2012, research conducted by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime found that the U.S. had a “homicide rate of 4.8 per 100,000 people compared to only 0.3 per 100,000 in Iceland, 0.7 per 100,000 in Sweden, 0.8 per 100,000 in Denmark and Spain, 0.9 per 100,000 in Italy, Austria and the Netherlands, 1.0 per 100,000 in France, and 1.2 per 100,000 in Portugal and the Republic of Ireland.”

4. Our anti-abortion violence.

Though there have been a few incidents of anti-abortion-related violence elsewhere (in Canada, New Zealand and Australia, for instance), the vast majority of violence occurs right here in the good ol’ US of A. The Department of Justice amended its definition of domestic terrorism to include this type of violence last year, and it includes such incidents as destruction of property, arson, bombings, vandalism, kidnapping, stalking, assault, attempted murder, and murder. In the last 20 years or so, anti-abortion violence has killed at least eight people in the U.S., including four doctors, two clinic employees, a security guard, and a clinic escort. In contrast, approximately ZERO people have been murdered trying to have or facilitate a safe and legal abortion in Europe.

5. Our preference for circumcision.

Though infant male circumcision rates have declined in the U.S. in the last decade or so, circumcision remains one of the most common procedures performed in hospitals (about 1.4 million annually). In Europe, however, circumcision is rare and generally frowned upon. A 2013 resolution called male ritual circumcision a “violation of the physical integrity of children,” and was passed overwhelmingly by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Studies (both formal and informal) have shown that women in the U.S. have strong preferences for circumcised penises, citing “visual appeal” and “sexual hygiene” as reasons for their predisposition. European women, of course, prefer their men with dong-snuggies.

11 Surprising Facts About America’s Sexual Behaviors

Wow, to be a paid researcher in America to study the sexual behaviors of Americans. Now that’s an enticing job. Where do I sign up?

Apparently I’d pop on over to Indiana University, as that’s where the latest batch of researchers come from who have something to say about sex in America.

As a part of the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, researchers surveyed a national, representative sample of 5,865 people ages 14 to 94. They recently published some of their initial findings in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

So without further ado, here are 11 surprising facts about sex in America from that survey.

1. Condom use is pretty uncommon.

Only 1 in 4 acts of sexual intercourse are protected by a condom. Condoms are, of course, the most reliable method to avoid sexually transmitted diseases while having sex.

2. Yet condom use is just as pleasurable.

Contrary to popular wisdom, people surveyed said that their sexual pleasure was just as intense with condom use as it was without. This included arousal, pleasure and achieving orgasm.

3. Americans like variety.

The researchers detailed over 40 different combinations of sexual activity when participants were asked to describe their most recent sexual encounter.

4. Men orgasm from regular intercourse most often; women, on the other hand, require more of a variety of sexual acts — which may include oral or vaginal intercourse — in order to orgasm.

While men enjoy sexual variety as much as women, they don’t need it in order to enjoy an orgasm. Women appear to benefit more from such variety in order to make the likelihood of an orgasm greater.

5. Men don’t have a clue when it comes to their partner’s orgasm.

While 85 percent of men reported their partner had an orgasm during their most recent sexual activity, only 64 percent of women reported having had an orgasm. The difference of over 20 percent isn’t accounted for simply because of same-sex relationships.

It suggests men overestimate their partner’s sexual experience, or that women are leading men to believe they orgasmed in order to end the sexual activity earlier.

6. Most teenagers aren’t doing it as often as you might think.

Only 27 percent of teens surveyed said they had intercourse in the past 3 months.

7. More of us try out a gay, lesbian or bisexual activity once in our lives than you might think.

The survey found that 8 percent of men and 7 percent of women identified themselves as either gay, lesbian or bisexual. But this percentage was much lower than the proportion of individuals who had said “Yes” to a question about whether they’ve ever had same-gender sexual activity in their lives. Many people may experiment with such activities, but stick to what feels best for them in the end.

8. You don’t have to be young to enjoy sex.

Older adults report enjoying and engaging in sexual activity nearly as much as younger adults. In fact, the survey found that men in their 50s are having more sex than teenage males.

9. Men give oral sex as much as they receive it.

Contrary to popular wisdom again, men — especially older men — give as much oral sex to women as women give to men. While the difference is greatest in the 20 to 24 year old range (with only 55 percent of men saying they’ve given it in the past year, compared to 74 percent of women), the tables turn as we age. In the 30 to 39 age range, 69 percent of men report having given a woman oral sex, while only 59 percent of women have.

In other age ranges, the differences are far less greater, with only a few percentage points differentiating the two groups.

10. Both men and women masturbate.

The vast majority of people at all age groups masturbate. Yes, men regularly out-masturbate women, with over 80 percent of 20 to 29 year old men reporting masturbating in the past year. But women are no slackers either, with 64 to 72 percent of women in the same age range reporting masturbating in the past year.

11. We all like to brag.

Similar to point #5, more people in the survey said they received oral sex than those who said they gave oral sex. If everyone was telling the truth, these numbers should be within a few percentage points of one another.

Instead, we see many discrepancies. For instance, 70 percent of women claimed to have received oral sex from a man in the 20 to 24 age group, but only 55 percent of men admitted to having given oral to a woman. Sixty-two percent of men aged 40 to 49 claimed they received oral, but only 53 percent of women said they gave it.

Apparently saying you’ve received oral sex is still more attractive than saying you’ve given it.

The Rise Of Hookup Sexual Culture On American College Campuses

Cultures – sets of widely-endorsed ideas reflected in rules for interaction and in the organization of our institutions – are powerful social forces that shape individuals’ lives. In colleges, “hookup culture” refers to the idea that casual sexual encounters are the best or only way to engage sexually; and the concept also refers to rules of social interaction that facilitate casual sexual encounters and organizational arrangements that support these encounters.

Today, almost all of America’s residential college campuses are characterized by a hookup culture – large and small, private and public, secular and religious, and left- and right-leaning campuses. Students must contend with this culture even if they are not especially sexually active. In fact, many students are not very active. The average graduating senior reports hooking up just eight times in four years; and a third do not hook up even a single time. Individual students can and do opt out of casual hookup sexual encounters, but few can escape dealing with that culture.

The Origins of Campus Hookup Culture

Hookup culture is simply the newest stage in the evolution of sexual norms and behavior in America. Its roots lie in the early city life of the 1920s, the first time in U.S. history that young people routinely socialized in mixed-sex groups beyond the supervision of chaperones. This created intense media interest in “youth culture,” as college attendance became accessible to large swaths of the American population. After a couple hundred years of conflict with higher education administrators, fraternity men starting setting the social tone. Their way of experiencing college life – irreverent, raucous, and fun-oriented – was suddenly the way to experience college. Attending college was linked to the idea of being young and carefree.

The Great Depression and World War II put the brakes on such revelry. Young women initiated “going steady” – monogamous, long-term dating – as a response to the loss of young men to war. Yet going steady, a kind of “premature monogamy,” was both new and short-lived as an ideal for young people. By the 1960s, young people wanted to remain unattached; and meanwhile gay men in urban enclaves were experimenting with a culture revolving around “hookups.” The dangers of AIDs infection slowed down the process by which casual sexual encounters spread into the mainstream for young people, but this process proceeded nonetheless.

In 1978, the popularity of the movie Animal House ratcheted up expectations for college fun. Beer and liquor companies took advantage of the moment, spending millions in the 1980s to convince students that drinking was a mainstay of college life. Starting in 1984, when the U.S. government financially pressured the states to raise the legal drinking age from 18 to 21, control over campus parties was thrown increasingly into the hands of men who occupied large, private fraternity residences in which they could flagrantly break liquor laws. Fraternities again came to dominate the campus social scene. Until today, this remains true on many campuses, but many other factors also reinforce hookup sexual norms on college campuses – including media portrayals of college life, rising individualism, and a halfway transition toward women’s equality. Social and sexual norms originally embodied in fraternities now reign supreme on college campuses.

The Destructive Sense that Hookup Sex is the Only Option

After hearing about hookup culture, many older Americans wonder whether today’s students actually enjoy it. The answer appears to be both yes and no, as I learned from years of fieldwork. About a quarter of students thrive in this culture, at least at first. They enjoy hooking up and adapt well to hookup culture’s rules calling for fun and casual, short-term encounters. At the same time, about a third of students opt out altogether; they find hookup culture unappealing and would rather not have sex at all than have it the way this culture mandates. The remaining students are ambivalent, dabbling in hookups with mixed results. Overall, about one in three students say that their intimate relationships have been “traumatic” or “very difficult to handle.” Many of them experience a persistent malaise, a deep, indefinable disappointment. And one in ten says that they have been sexually coerced or assaulted in the past year.

Notably, my research suggests that hookup culture is a problem not because it promotes casual sex, but because it makes a destructive form of casual sexual engagement feel compulsory. Students who don’t hook up can end up being socially isolated, while students who do engage in this way are forced to operate by a dysfunctional set of rules. Hookup culture encourages a punishing emotional landscape, where caring for others or even simple courtesy seem inappropriate, while carelessness and even cruelty are allowed. At its worst, it encourages young men and women to engage in sexual competitiveness and status-seeking while meeting impossible standards of attractiveness. It privileges immediate pleasure-seeking and heightens risks that students will become either perpetrators or victims of sexual crimes.

Changing Power Structures and Destructive Sexual Norms

Understanding that the forces shaping sexual relationships on campuses are cultural – that problems lie not so much in particular encounters as in hookup culture overall – is the first step toward clarifying what needs to change. Because culture is a type of shared consciousness, many people need to work together to make changes happen. And they can. Especially because of the strong ties in student bodies, campuses can transform themselves faster than one might suspect.

Research shows that today’s young people are more open, permissive, earnest, hopeful for the future, and welcoming of diversity than any other generation in memory. They are well-positioned to usher in the next new sexual culture. But colleges as institutions must change, too. Institutions of higher education need to put substantial resources and time into shifting cultural norms in two ways: promoting casual sexual encounters that involve an ethic of care, and diversifying the kind of sexual encounters that are seen as possible and good. Colleges also need to change the institutional arrangements that give too much power to subsets of students who are most enthusiastic about hookup culture and who benefit from it at the expense of their peers. Doing this may mean disbanding fraternities and sororities as they have existed, because as long as these organizations and their ethics remain power bastions on U.S. campuses, hookup culture will persist.

How Long Do You Reach Orgasm When Using Anal Hooks

As much as we are reluctant to disclose our salary, we are reluctant to talk about how long our sex overview: So women are looking for sex in the net lasts. To get a sense of where you are, a look at the statistics can help. According to an international study by the condom manufacturer, people spend an average of 17 minutes playing lovemaking – whether this value is true or not is doubtful.

The fact that the figures that led to the result are rather rough estimates suggests a study by the University. The researchers interviewed men and women separately, how long the act of penetration to the climax takes them. The answer of the men: 25 to 27 minutes. The, of women: 12 to 15 minutes. Subsequently, the couples stopped the actual duration with a stopwatch. The result: the sex took an average of 3.11 minutes. For the information on How to use anal hooks there are options as well.

The shame of premature ejaculation is still great

The surprising number suggests: Not a few men are affected by premature ejaculation. The Confidential study on the topic found that 20 percent of men suffer from the problem. A premature ejaculation is when the ejaculation can be withheld immediately after penetration or only for a maximum of 1 to 2 minutes. For comparison: In normal function, a man lasts around 5 to 7 minutes. More than half of those affected are ashamed and have never talked to a doctor or their partner about the problem. In 25 percent of all these men’s self-esteem is cracked outside the bedroom.

Stress, anxiety and alcohol: what affects stability?

In the case of premature ejaculation, researchers now know that the disorder is physical and related to the neurotransmitter serotonin and what about the stability of non-affected people? What causes man to hold out shorter than usual? Is just the woman too hot? No! These factors have a negative effect:

  • Regular alcohol consumption
  • Smoke
  • Overweight
  • Stress & lack of sleep
  • Certain medications
  • Diseases such as diabetes mellitus
  • Depression
  • Fear of failure

Myth or Truth: Can I last longer through alcohol?

In some forums, the question is whether alcohol can even help to last longer during sex. The idea behind it: alcohol inhibits the stimulus processing in the brain, one is dulled to touch. In addition, some men fall under the influence of alcohol fears. However, this attempt for more stability can backfire: Because alcohol can also mean that man no longer gets an erection or has problems with ejaculation. In addition, many women find alcoholized sexual partners repugnant. Anyone who regularly tilts a glass before sex also risks dependence – as mentioned above, alcohol abuse can lead to impotence.

Technique Tips: How do men last longer in bed?

In order to last longer during sex, there are tips and exercises that are designed for long-term stamina and those that quickly cast more stamina. The 10 most effective tips and tricks for more sexual stamina – which you can try right away.

  1. Masturbate

Of course you can satisfy yourself before sex to relieve pressure. The problem is, however, that the erection in the subsequent sex is no longer so pronounced. This means you may be able to last a little longer, but the partner feels that you are not fully erected. The result: the sex is less intense and pleasurable for both sides.

More effectively, you can use masturbation to increase sexual stamina by changing your masturbation routine. This means that you do not masturbate directly before sex, but train your stamina, if you satisfy yourself anyway. One common method of increasing stability is the start-stop method. You bring yourself several times until just before orgasm. Training is especially intense if you sometimes end up without ejaculation which also makes you stronger mentally!

  1. Strengthen the pelvic floor

That’s just for women? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! With a strong pelvic floor muscles you last much longer during sex. For this you have to train the so-called PC muscle. Where is he? You find it when you stop the urine stream on the toilet – the muscle that does the work is the sex muscle. You train him by tensing and loosening him several times a day. Start with 5 seconds and increase to 30. The abdominal and abdominal muscles relax – so you concentrate fully on the pelvic floor. Using yoni eggs while having sex can also strengthen the pelvic floor. Incidentally, a strong PC muscle not only increases stamina, but also intensifies orgasm.

  1. Extend the prelude

Logical, simple and generous: If we first pay attention to the partner, we do not focus too much on our own excitement. Always re-establish sharp pampering in lovemaking, instead of using it only during foreplay. Your partner will thank you.

  1. Bring a penis ring into play

He is not just a decorative accessory: thanks to the cock ring, a hard-on-the-job erection is guaranteed. The ring blocks the blood, preventing it from draining. The blood-supplying arteries remain slightly open, so blood can continue to flow into the erectile tissue. But do not wear the cock ring too long: you should not exceed 20 minutes; otherwise there is a risk of damage.

  1. Cover a thick-walled condom

Thick-layered condoms reduce sensitivity to the penis. They are usually intended for anal intercourse, but can also be used during normal intercourse. Other condoms, which are often recommended for premature ejaculation, use a liquid to numb the glands, which sits in the condom tip.

If you are interested in Anal Douching, more details can be found on

  1. Lubricate with anesthetic ointments

Cream the penis 15 to 20 minutes before sex with a numbing cream (available at the pharmacy). But beware: If you do not want your sweetheart to feel anything, you should use a condom or wash the cream thoroughly before sex.

  1. The shock technique vary

Avoid falling into a monotonous rhythm when thrusting. Instead, switch between deep and short bumps and also change the impact direction. Not only do women love this, they also delay their ejaculation.

  1. Control the breath

Do you know this? They are on the brink of coming, but they want to delay the orgasm and hold their breath in anticipation – as if every extra breath could get you fired. But that’s exactly the wrong behavior. When the air is stopped, adrenaline and carbon dioxide build up in the blood. This accelerates the orgasm even more. Breathe slowly and concentrated. When you pull the penis out of the vagina, breathe in. If you encounter, exhale.

Conclusion: Manual techniques let you last longer during sex

If you have premature ejaculation, do not be afraid to talk to your doctor about it. Because every fifth man has this disorder, the likelihood is high that he is also affected and therefore understands you well. If you just want to hold out longer, try manual techniques such as the start-stop method, a penis ring, or position changes in positions that will not catapult you onto the launcher. Everything else that interests you to your best piece, you will find in the topic special to the penis.

What are the Different Options in Using Anal Plugs

An inflatable butt plug is a sex toy that will most gently and effectively prepare you for the first experience of anal sex or, if you are not a novice, will give you new bright sensations. Due to its small size, the anal dilator easily penetrates inside without causing much discomfort. You can pump air into the main plug, gradually increasing its size. This will be an excellent training for the walls of the anus and will allow the anus to easily get used to the new sensations. The valve at the base allows you to bleed the air out of the sex toy in seconds, as soon as you need it.

Apart from the fact that you can fully control the process of preparing your body for anal sex, you would feel some parts in this erogenous zone that the penis cannot reach for physiological reasons.

Vibrating Inflatable Butt Plugs for Additional Sensation

A nice addition to the inflatable butt plug is the vibrating function. You can easily choose for yourself a comfortable mode that can make your whole body feel the sexual tension and the subsequent orgasm. The suction cup at the base is useful if you want to enjoy the anal plug with the dilator alone. The remote control will allow you to change the modes of the toy without changing its position inside you, so it won’t interrupt you in the middle of your pleasure.

The modern world of sex products for adults is constantly expanding and is launching new progressive sex toys in the market, which sometimes makes us lose the set of functions added by the manufacturer. For those who prefer the classic versions of their favorite toys, you should can still find these even on some popular sex toys shops.

Just like the thrill that you may experience when meeting multiple sexual partners, with adult toys you may experience different facets of erotic pleasure. Stimulation of the anus requires a delicate and gentle approach, which is not always possible when using, for example, an anal plug with a vibration motor. Good thing, popular adult toys still offer these adult toys up to this date.

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The common Stimulators

The most common stimulators without the vibration feature are anal herringbone or a chain. There are also elastic beads of different diameter that are fastened together,  and easily penetrate into anus, pleasantly creating friction against its walls. You will get maximum pleasure if during vaginal orgasm, you slowly pull the ring at the base. This bright mixture of sensations will long remain in your memory. Regardless of what kind of sex toys you prefer, a prerequisite for a safe use is anal lubricant, which will save you from unpleasant situations. So, make sure to lube it up!

Experts say that fisting, in addition to really deep penetration, is a sign of trust in your partner. Without maximum trust and appropriate preparation, you will not be able to fully relax, which means you will not experience the whole range of feelings that this kind of stimulation can deliver.

Preparing your body for anal fisting will take some time and is impossible without  the help of special sex toys. In order to know the true feeling of fullness, you need to eventually try large anal plugs. Don’t worry because its cone-shaped form can help to gradually and gently train the expansion of the walls of your anus.

Giant dildos are considered to be very popular, which are perfect not only for anal but also for vaginal fisting. Its realistic form of artificial phallus can make you forget that you are dealing with a sex toy. Another common design is a hand shaped anus stimulator. This variant will bring you as close as possible to sensations similar to real fisting, or can even replace your partner.

A prerequisite for safe penetration is the use of anal lubricant. Lubrication will save you from injury and discomfort, so you can enjoy these toys. This is very important especially if you enjoy double penetration.

Erotic fantasies about sex together are very common, but not always feasible for various reasons. Double penetration vibrators can help to fulfill this sexual dream.

Anal-vaginal vibrating massager gives an unforgettable pleasure from the simultaneous stimulation of the anus and walls of the vagina. An anus stimulator in such a sex toy can be made in the form of an anal Christmas tree or large elastic beads that are suitable for those who are just mastering the beauty of anal sex.

Triple vibrator will conquer even the most sophisticated lovers of sex toys. The model, in addition to anal-vaginal stimulation, has an appendix intended for the clitoral region. The simultaneous impact on such responsive erogenous points can carry you to the summit of bliss.

Special attention should be paid to the material from which the vibrating massager is made. Each option has its advantages: hypoallergenic silicone is the safest option to use, the cyber skin material is as close to the human skin as possible, and the double gel vibrator will be the most pliable and soft sex toy you’ve ever met.

Every woman wants to feel new bright sexual emotions from time to time. One of the opportunities to experience this is to choose a large vibrator for you. Such a vibrating massager is able to give a feeling of fullness and endless pleasure, but it should be borne in mind that the giant vibrator is not the best option for the first sex toy.

Made from high-quality materials, the vibrator can be equipped with a venous pattern and a protruding head, which makes the model realistic, and also additionally massages the walls of the vagina.

Large models, like standard-sized vibrators, are equipped with all the necessary functions. You can purchase the variant with a remote or built-in control panel, as well as vibromassager with a large number of modes and powers of vibration.  Another great options is a suction dildo, which allows you to securely fix the vibrator on a hard surface and free your hands for the gentle caress of various erogenous zones. One of the important rules when using a large toy is lubrication. Foreplay allows natural lubrication to avoid pain, or you can use lubricants that are easily available anywhere.

What are the Best Intimate Massages for Couples?

The massages are a wonderful way to reconnect with your body. It helps you to take time for yourself or to spend time with each other. It is a well-deserved break in your world where everything is going too fast.

The sensual massage is a preliminary shock and charm that will put your partner in all its forms before moving on to serious things! Whether sensual or sexy, with or without accessories, in music or in peace, from here or elsewhere, there is a varied range of massages to do as a couple. It will also let you know how to increase your ejaculate volume to give your partner more thrills.

Experts have selected for you a series of massage techniques to help you discover the fusion of bodies, to express your emotions, your senses and the sexual energy that lies dormant in each of us. So relax and let you be guided.

Tips before starting your massage

Here are some tips to make the experience even more enjoyable:

  • Make sure the room is at a good temperature, within 23 ∞ / 24 ∞. If it’s too cold the muscles will not relax, the body tenses and we take no pleasure.
  • We cut his cell phone, that’s it! No verification of spam work or social networks for a break in love.
  • Choose a soft and soothing music that will allow your mind (and your hands) to wander rhythmically on each other’s body.
  • Subdued setting atmosphere, soft light or candles will let guess the body and its curves.
  • Avoid heavy meals that weigh down the body and make the experience uncomfortable. Opt, why not for aphrodisiac dishes such as oysters or raised with ginger rather than chili con carne.
  • Float a sweet scent of jasmine, ylang-ylang or orange that promotes relaxation and travels the sense of smell in distant lands. Essential oils are more pleasant and effective than incense that can sometimes irritate and be too heady (read our article on essential oil dispensers).
  • Comfort above all else. Make yourself comfortable (ideally naked), have soft blankets or thick towels on the floor (often more convenient than on the bed), pleasant skin materials.
  • Use quality oils such as sweet almond oil, jojoba, apricot that make the gestures more fluid and the skin hydrated afterwards.
  • Use yoni eggs in yoga sessions for additional health and wellness benefits.

And above all, listen to your partner, his reactions, vary the pressures and techniques. Avoid sensitive areas if there are. The main thing is to give and receive pleasure, give free rein to your imagination and caress, touch, kiss with your whole body and your heart.

Face and head: absolute relaxation

That the one who has not already had orgasm content at the hairdresser during the shampoo session throws me the first stone! When the hairdresser (or hairdresser) makes penetrate his hands in your hair and letís go his expert fingers on your skull, pressing here and there, pressing slightly your temples and the top of the head. What a sweet feeling even if the position is not always pleasant, we let ourselves go. To perform this massage, sit cross-legged with a cushion placed on your feet, the head of your partner rests on the cushion.

With a small dab of oil, start by brushing the neck, then the chin, the cheeks, the wings of the nose, around the eyes and then the forehead. Make slight circular movements without pressing too much. Repeat these actions a dozen times, while kissing your partner.

Then go to the head, make circular movements with your thumbs at the base of the skull, slide your fingers to the temples and then the top of the head. Massage the whole scalp and pressing with the fingertips. To finish place your hands for a few minutes on the temples, breathe slowly and take the time both to savor this sweet moment. Ideal after a long day of work or time spent in traffic jams and of course in the mouth before a more naughty stage.

These touches provide a great relaxation because they stimulate the energy center located at the forehead, the 3rd eye. They allow evacuating stress and tensions. In addition, the scalp is connected to multiple points of sexual stimulation.

The Yoni: the art of tantric massage

In the millennial Tantric tradition, the word yoni refers to the female sex. A brief reminder of what tantrism is: it is basically a philosophy of life born more than 1500 years ago in India. Tantrism is a set of texts and rituals whose purpose is, through the exploration of its senses, to reach a state of total awakening.

Tantrism is primarily for couples: love and trust are two essential keys to achieving Tantric orgasm. Another important condition for playing the tantric game is not to consider sex only as a means of achieving orgasm. It is also worth noting that the goal is to awaken the “Kundalini”, our inner vital energy which is at the base of the spine (sacrum).

To achieve this massage lie comfortably (with pillows under the head to be able to associate the sensations with the visual, which increases the excitation). Also place a pillow under your hips too. Your legs are extended on each side, knees slightly bent, the sex offered to the masseur.

Before you start, remember that your nails must be impeccably cut to avoid any unpleasant sensations or injuries and your hands must be clean. You can use oil or a lubricant or let the nature and use the natural fluids (vaginal lubrication) of your partner.

Begin by performing with fingers (index, middle finger, thumb), concentric caresses on the pubis. Spread the big lips of the vulva to massage the mount of Venus, then the inner lips by squeezing them between thumb and forefinger.

Gently rub your fingers along the labia minora, touching the clitoris as you go. Insert the middle finger of the right hand to explore and massage the inside of the vagina. Caress slowly, gently, up, down and on the sides, vary the depth and pressure. The middle finger inside the “yoni”, palm up, move the finger in a gesture of “come here to caress the G-spot (or “sacred point” in Tantrism) under the pubic bone behind the clitoris. Throughout the experience, listen to your partner, his breath, his groans.

You can conclude this massage with vibrations on the yoni: press the clitoris and make “vibrate” his hand. The higher the pace will be supported, the more the pleasure will be intense.

Aside from Kegel toys, princess plug is a fancy toy made especially for women. If you’re interested, go see a collection of this butt plugs at

Beginners’ Guide to Fetish Anal Training

You hear it here and there and you may be interested in it, but not everyone knows exactly how to train your asshole and what to look for. The speech here is from the BDSM scene and the practices used there. If you want to take the first steps, you should pay attention to a few things. We have put together some points for you to help you get started.

Basic rules

In the beginning it is important to clarify that the partner and you yourself are the most important are. The focus of all practices should be on your preferences, your fantasies and your needs. Since not everyone knows exactly what each other explicitly want, communication is immensely important. Exact wishes and possible expectations must be clarified in advance so that no misunderstandings occur. Also the time should be chosen appropriately. If these are the first steps in the BDSM field, then some taboos are omnipresent which can slowly be reduced over time. You do not have to rush things. Everything comes with time. So that at the beginning as well as in the advanced stage no things happen that do not want or go too far, first of all a safe word has to be introduced. This word is for safety and should be used. Nobody should be harmed, because the desire is in the foreground. The dominant part, the so-called cathedral, should therefore also be ready to take on some responsibility. Both psychological and physical stability is therefore a prerequisite. The choice of the cathedral should therefore be considered.

BDSM toys

If you have followed the basics and discussed the main points, then the real fun can begin. In principle, one can have BDSM sex without any toys, but the use of aids increases the appeal. In addition to the classic purchase of certain items such as leather shackles, whips or candles can be found in everyday life items that can be wonderfully used for this purpose like your own hands for hitting, fingernails for scratching or teeth for biting. The belt of the morning coat or even a scarf can be misused and used for restraints. The classic candle wax can also be used to connect pain and pleasure. Pay special attention to the heat here. Normal candles can get very hot, you could burn yourself. Special candles only reach a certain heat, which may be more compatible. Here it depends on your own wishes. Cock cages can increase pleasure if used correctly.

Clothes cling can also be used to cause some pain to the partner or himself. You should be careful and start with a few minutes at first, because you should first get a sense of how far you can go. Exaggerating this, there is a risk that damage such as dying tissue.


When using and implementing all the ideas already mentioned, there are many points that should be considered, especially for newcomers. If one fixes someone, then the limbs must be considered. Here both the cathedral and the sub must keep an eye on it. If a strong tingling sensation or a numb feeling occurs, the fixation must be resolved immediately. When shackles even it should be noted that the head does not hang over an edge or is placed on a soft surface. If you use handcuffs, sharp edges may be a potential hazard. Here, too, open your eyes. The strokes that are performed, whether with the bare hand or with an aid, should by no means go from beginners to the head, the neck, the neck, the joints or the kidney area. Slaps on the face are possible, there is the slightest danger, with the other areas, and possible damage cannot be ruled out. You can also warm the skin by light strokes with the palm of your hand. Areas such as buttocks, upper back or thighs are best suited for this. As a result, the circulation is promoted, whereby the skin is “warmed up”.

4th accident

With the word accident one loses immediately the desire and would like to avoid this of course as well as possible. But this is something that can happen especially with amateurs. If severe injuries occur, you should contact an emergency doctor immediately. Do not worry about a possible shame. On the one hand, doctors have a duty of confidentiality, which means that this faux pas can never be put on the big bell. On the other hand, doctors have usually seen and experienced quite a lot, which also mitigates the prevailing situation.

In summary, there are some points that should be considered before embarking on the BDSM adventure. But if you pay attention to these points and gain more and more experience, then you will find great joy.

Lustful tickling

With tickling, you personally connect some funny and sometimes annoying childhood memories. Tickling was always funny with the parents or the brother. At school, you were often frightened from behind when a classmate suddenly drove under your armpits and teased. This is a shocking moment. No pleasant feeling. So it was clear to me from the beginning: tickling can mean both closeness, but also quickly becomes agony.

Tickling as a punishment

Twitching is actually a reflex to protect our sensitive body regions, because that’s where we’re especially ticklish: on the neck, under the arms, on the stomach, on the soles of the feet. An attack on these spots causes a shriek and a wild twitch to shake off a potential threat. The laugh’s reaction is due to the relief of the brain, that it is only a harmless touch and not a danger. Scientifically, we are still in the dark.

As per research on the tickle fetish: tickling is often found in the BDSM context. Although the first reaction to tickling is laughter or screeching, this behavior often has nothing to do with having fun. It quickly becomes a real punishment and torment – everyone who is ticklish knows what they are talking about.

In the middle Ages, offenders were strapped onto a bench and tickled with feathers. Another popular method was to sprinkle salt on the soles of the feet; a goat then did the tickle work with her tongue. This punishment was just uncomfortable, but due to the fits of laughter it could also lead to cramps in the abdominal muscle area and shortness of breath. No wonder then that tickling has survived above all as a punishment in the BDSM context. The tickling has the power, while the tickled defenseless and delivered to endure the tickling.

Striking is, however, that especially young people with the tickle fetish video request approached experts. Assume that tickling is especially popular with young people, because it has nothing to do with “just plugging in” and having sex but especially with touch. Nevertheless, this touch can also be sexual. Quickly one touches oneself at the breasts, at the Po, between the legs. When being tickled you also do not know when such a touch occurs and where it will happen. That’s the charm. Again, it’s about power again.

Lustful tickling

Everybody is ticklish to a different degree. Some have completely “tanned off”, others are by no means at home and in some already a light stroking and they turn completely. Here’s how it sounds: explore limits. So if you want to incorporate tickling into your lovemaking now, be it in the BDSM context or not, then you can do it with almost anything. Tickling is also quite easy with everyday objects such as your electric toothbrush, a silk scarf, a hairbrush or simply with long fingernails.

This is originally a medical instrument used in neurological examinations of pain perception. Today it is at home in the BDSM sector, as the wheel can also be very painful when pressure is applied more intensively. But it is also wonderful for tickling, as the needles are perceived by the nerve endings very intense.

How to Introduce BDSM Toys to Your Partner

Fortunately, most people have different sexual preferences. The preference for missionary work remains. Quite different is the “Middle Ages Generation” between 45 and 60 years. Here you have conquered a new freedom. One has become experimental. More and more are appearing preferences for bondage games. Switching between submission and dominance and leather and lacquer on bare skin makes some mid-fives wake up again. Numerous shops reporting sales increase of chastity devices and anal plugs is an indication that BDSM has reached the next level.

BDSM highlights – take a close look

Here are tips on anal stretching. There are many reasons why some men and women are on anal tendons. For one, of course, there are many dominations, which stretch their slaves anal, on the other hand, men and women who like to satisfy themselves anal. For some it is enough to put something in the butt and satisfy you, just as women do it anal. Often, however, the stimulus gets bigger and bigger and the buttocks stretch to the maximum.But how do you do an anal stretching and how many cm can you stretch anal? How to introduce idea of anal play to your partner? Here are the basics of How to introduce idea of anal play to your partner.

The sphincter makes the butt hole so tight

It is so wanted by nature that the sphincter locks us and so we are safe from accidentally let out faces. The sphincter is constantly tense and of course that’s good. But anyone who likes anal sex will sometimes curse the sphincter muscle being so strong. When you defecate, the muscle relaxes by itself, and we can meet our needs. Then he is completely solid again.

If you want to penetrate anal, then you have to learn to relax the sphincter. There are many small muscles there that are very strong and react subconsciously. But it is still possible to train them and this is of course advantageous in pod stretching.

But beware: If you try with all your strength anal penetration and the sphincter is closed, you can get injured by anal sex, and that would of course less beautiful. Therefore, it is even more important to practice the anal stretching and to relax the sphincter.

Tips for stretching – It works guaranteed

If you want to penetrate anal the first time, the fingers are the best tool. You have the best feelings and optimal control to get everything right.

The most important remedy for anal dilation and anal sex in general is the lubricant. Without lube you should never stretch your butt.

Special anal spray makes the butt even more elastic.

The most important is relaxation. Create a feel-good atmosphere and if you are a couple since then you should first caress the entire intimate area to get in the mood. Of course, if the partner likes rimming sex, that’s ideal.There are good sex toys to ass stretching: on the one Anal plugs. The plugs are tight at the top, and then they have a big belly and then become tight again. So you can leave them in for a longer time. They are covered by the sphincter. The Anal plugs run thicker towards the bottom, and so they stretch better, but are not necessarily suitable for traveling.

Best take high-quality metal anal plugs. These are the most comfortable.

It is optimal if you can train daily anal stretching. Introduce an anal plug every day, and over a longer period more fun in any form of anal play.

An anal plug for inflating is ideal for beginners. You can increase daily and depending on how much you pump up.

Can I get hurt while stretching?

If you are tense, and still wants to penetrate by force anal, then it can happen that you get slight anal fissures. The anal area is much stronger blood than the vagina, and so it can also be faster injuries.

Even if you want to penetrate without lubrication anal, it may cause minor injuries. If you have butt, or anal introduces something and after a few centimeters strong resistance, so you should not continue by force. The rectum is only about 12 inches long and then comes a very narrow passage. Intestinal tears or ruptures are very rare, but it is of course also possible to hurt seriously. Therefore always proceed with caution.

Can it be that I cannot get the dildo out of the ass?

It may well happen that the dildo or another object disappears in the butt and you cannot get it out. It is not uncommon for men and women to end up in the hospital because there were objects in the anus that cannot come out.

A normal dildo or other items are not necessarily thickened down, so they can ever slip into the gut and swallowed. The sphincter closes and you do not get the dildo out of the ass anymore. This is of course very uncomfortable, but you should still immediately to the hospital, if you notice the dildo is no longer comes out of the Po. The doctors in the hospital have already seen so much, there is someone with dildo in the butt, and get him out more than a rarity so no reason to be ashamed.

So that does not happen, you should only use things to the anal plug thickened down. So they cannot slip completely in the butt. This is the case with anal plugs, for example.

Where do I find women stretching me anal?

There are ladies and also dominas who like to push men into anal things. Dominas in particular also like to do anal stretching as part of their education. You can find a dominatrix here if you want to experience an education with ass stretching. There are a multitude of mistresses who like to bring slaves to the edge of their senses and demand a daily stretching.There are also dominant women who like to fuck and satisfy a man with a strap on. For some a new and very cool experience.

Of course, there are also some other women, which are mostly submissive, who like to introduce something anal and stretch.

How many inches can you maximally stretch the ass?

It should not be a competition, but still fun and be cool. Therefore, you should stretch the ass only as far as it is fun. You can expand it from time to time and use an ever-larger butt plug to anal stretching, but at some point a natural limit will certainly be reached.

This is reached in some men and women already at 3 centimeters, but there are quite people who plug in anal plugs with a diameter of about 15 cm. Of course, the anatomy of every human being also plays a role.There are extra XL toys that are of course used by lovers for all kinds of anal stretching techniques.

Real anal toy for anal stretching

We have already mentioned some anal toys. Here is a brief overview of useful accessories to increase anal extensibility.The plug is probably the most popular anal toy. The best way to use a metal version is most comfortable. Tip: Simply put the plug in the fridge first. The cold material makes the whole thing even hotter.

A strap on is ideal for mistresses who want to fuck the little submissive men in the butt. So they can control well, how stretchy the pile hole is now.A pump anal plug is very popular with beginners. Plug in and inflate as you like. So you can increase from day to day. They are pumped dildos or pumping plugs.

3 Most Popular Butt Plugs with Removable Tails

Fire anal tails, is made of natural fur and reinforced with a nylon cord inside, which provides durability and preserves tail flexibility. But the most important thing is that the tail is attached to the cork using a strong magnet, which allows you to detach the tail from the cork in order to change it to another one or use the cork separately.

What is good removable tail:

First, corks are used to mimic the effect of double penetration. But many say that having sex with a tail is inconvenient, it can be accidentally pulled out, and in many postures it simply interferes.

  • If you actively use vaginal lubricants, massage oils, fur can be spoiled. And if the water-based lubricant, with the fur, you still wash, then the silicone grease or oil anymore. With a removable tail, everything is much more convenient. First you smear the cork with lubricant, insert it inside and enjoy your role-playing game. Well, when the time comes for the hottest one, the tail is unfastened and you enjoy sex with a cork inside without fear that the fur is smeared in lubricants and oils.
  • The removable tail is a godsend for those who love thorough disinfection and do not trust soap or special products. After all, a removable tail, the stopper can even boil. For the butt plug activities this is important.
  • And finally, butt plug with a removable tail is a godsend for those who like to diversify their wardrobe. You can purchase tails separately, which will be much cheaper than buying a southerly anal tail. The range of colors will be gradually replenished.

And in addition to everything, the set includes a beautiful brand bag in which a toy will be conveniently stored. Currently you can find a variety of tails from dogs, fox, wolf, cats and etc. on the internet. Huge selection of cat tails can be found at that you can visit, if you’re interested in them.

It is recommended to use with anal lubricant† (lubricant).


  • Materials: natural tail, metal, capron
  • Tail length: 40 cm.
  • Cork size: 2.8 and 3.5 cm
  • Depth of introduction: 6 and 7 cm

Included brand bag for storage (if desired, can be replaced by an unmarked bag – specify in the comments to the order)

A smooth and firm glass butt plug ìSomething Darkerî will give a great stimulation to one of your most sensitive points. It is designed for unique and intense anal games. Enjoy a comfortable introduction thanks to its wedge-shaped tip and a feeling of fullness thanks to its rounded convex shape.

Butt plug is made of borosilicate glass, suitable for playing with temperatures – before use it can be put in warm or cold water. Add anal lubrication and enjoy the pleasure of stimulation.

The package includes a luxury pouch for storage.

Use a water-based lubricant plug to enhance the feel of the game.

The official collection “50 Shades Darker” (Fifty Shades Darker) was approved by the author A. L. James. Butthing Darker (Something Darker) made of borosilicate glass

  • The shape of the stopper contributes to gentle insertion and the flat base for safe use
  • The toughened glass does not break and does not crack
  • The stopper is sensitive to temperature, so it can be quickly heated or cooled before use
  • Suitable for beginners
  1. Dimensions:
  • Main diameter: 4 cm / 1.6 inches
  • Main type: Expanding / tapered
  • Circumference: 11.4 cm / 4.5 inches
  • Input length: 10 cm / 4 inches
  • Length: 10.7 cm / 4.2 inch
  1. what made:
  • Do not soda INH latex
  • Does not contain phthalates
  • Waterproof
  • Flexibility: solid
  • Material: glass

Model: Anni Butt Plug Round Manufacturer: Diogol Designed in: France Material: aluminum and Swarovski crystal Available colors: pink, purple, silver, red, black, golden, silver / blue, silver / pink, silver / black, pink / blue, pink / black, purple / blue, purple / pink, purple / black, black / blue, black / red, red / black, red / blue, red / pink Dimensions: total length – 5.6 cm, used length – 4.6 cm, diameter – 2.4 cm, weight – 50 gr. Enjoy exquisite sex games with Anni Butt Plug Round butt plug. She is pleasant to the touch and beautiful in appearance. You will love this bright erotic adventure. The tip is designed specifically for easy insertion. The smoothness of the surface of the toy ensures safe use and easy removal. A pronounced head will be pleasant to enter the body, massaging and stimulating the anal zone.

Anni Butt Plug Round is great for playing in the bathroom. Heat it in warm water or cool it for a particularly strong and unforgettable experience. The latch is decorated with Swarovski crystal shimmering in the light, which will decorate your ass after the introduction of the toy. Care and hygiene: Rinse the toy in warm water with antibacterial soap. Do not forget to wipe the product dry after this. You can also handle a toy with special bactericidal sprays for intimate goods.

Allowed to use tools for cleaning intimate toys on the basis of alcohol. It is not recommended to use abrasive pastes or powders as a cleaning agent. Compatible lubricants: water, silicone and fatty basis.

About the manufacturer: The French company Diogol produces luxury sex toys. Absolutely all products of this manufacturer are made by hand from medical steel by masters and decorated with magnificent Swarovski crystals of different colors. Detailed verified shapes and sizes of toys will provide the most convenient use. Toys from Diogol deliver not only physical but also aesthetic pleasure. Detailed verified shapes and sizes of toys will provide the most convenient use. Toys from Diogol deliver not only physical but also aesthetic pleasure. Detailed verified shapes and sizes of toys will provide the most convenient use. Toys from Diogol deliver not only physical but also aesthetic pleasure.

What are butt plugs?

It’s no secret that in our time, many couples tend to diversify their sex with various sex toys, such as butt plugs. In fact, anal plugs are absolutely safe in their use sex toys with a limiter at the end, aimed at stimulating nerve endings in the intestine, as well as the male and female point G.

Where can I buy anal plugs?

Today, anal plugs are quite popular and widespread product of sex shops. However, unlike the cityís shops, this product is completely anonymous, and, moreover, at the best price, it is possible on the websites of online stores and special forums.

How to use anal plugs?

Despite the fact that many people continue to maintain their skepticism about anal plugs, this sex toy is fairly simple and completely safe in its use. Before you enter the anal plug in the anus, it is imperative to relax the anus and lubricate the sex toy with special water-based moisturizers. You should not enter the entire tube at once, the movement should be smooth and gradual.

How much do anal plugs cost?

The price of anal plugs in the online store will depend on criteria such as material, manufacturer, size, and the quality of sex toys. On average, it is possible to purchase butt plugs in Ukraine at a price ranging from 200 to 4,500 UAH.

Some statistics on the use of anal plugs

Compared with vibrators, butt plugs are a somewhat less popular type of sex toy. However, every year more and more Ukrainians are beginning to translate their sexual fantasies into reality using anal plugs. It is worth noting that, according to statistics, two out of 10 couples prefer that variety and incredible whirlwind of pleasant sensations and emotions that can be achieved with the help of anal plugs.

Why buy butt plugs in Kiev is profitable from us?

Surely for each person, the purchase of anal plugs is extremely intimate and secret. That is why, in our online store, we were able to create maximum conditions for buying sex toys, our customers feel complete anonymity and security. The work of our site is based on official and absolutely legal aspects, in accordance with the framework of the laws of Ukraine. Other advantages of our site include such points as: high quality of goods, fast delivery, as well as the most affordable prices.

Guarantee, confidentiality

Taking into account the fact that one of the main principles of our teamís activity is confidentiality of cooperation with customers, purchasing goods from us, you can be sure of absolute anonymity and security.