5 Reasons why American teenagers engage in sex

Just like you did a decade or two ago, modern teens are all about the action between the sheets. They live, breathe, and dream only one thing — sex. But who could blame them? Sexual intercourse is probably the best thing this world has ever seen. Don’t you agree? Well, okay, but it’s among the top 5, definitely.


Nevertheless, not all teenagers are the same. And no, we’re not talking about them being individuals. What we’re on about is that teens in the U.S. differ from the youth of other countries in how early they encounter their sex partners. But we’re not here to brag. That would be juvenile. We’re here to talk facts about teenage sex in America.

Facts About America’s Teenage Sex

Before we mention why our teens show off sexual behaviors, we need to mention some quick facts. Yep! It’s time for stats. Namely, during the last decade, studies suggest that almost every other high school student had sexual intercourse. And by almost every other, we mean 47%. Quite some numbers, wouldn’t you agree?


Among this 47% of teens, 3 of 4 females report they have sex with steady partners, while only 1 of 2 males do the same. Furthermore, almost 20% of girls have had sex with someone they barely knew, and almost 30% of guys did the same. It seems like teen porn depicts teenagers in the United States closer to real life than one would imagine.

Another fact, although not that comforting, is that 90% of teens who don’t use contraception become pregnant or impregnate their partners. Additionally, almost 50% of all STI cases a year are teens and young adults between the ages of 15 and 24. This is true even though they make up only a quarter of the sexually active population of America.

Peer Pressure

It’s important to immediately note that we’re not saying sex is bad. Far from it. We love the heck out of it, actually! However, we’re all about safe and responsible intercourse. That is, unfortunately, not what most young people in the age group of 15 to 24 are about. As we’ve mentioned, health statistics say they account for half the STIs in the country.


But why is this so? What’s the main reason teens engage in sex so early and carelessly? The short answer is peer pressure. Namely, we’re surrounded by sex on every corner. From pop culture to billboards that celebrate the naked body, getting it on is what we, humans, care for the most. This reflects on teens who pressure one another into having.

Curiosity About Sex

Aside from peer pressure, a teenager’s motivation to engage in sex comes from their unstoppable curiosity. Just remember what you were like back when growing up. Everything was new, and you wanted to know all the ins and outs. Well, the same goes in on inside a teen’s mind when it comes to sex — they want to know everything about it.


Despite what you might think, curiosity doesn’t stop when they have sex for the first time. Once they do, they come up with new questions, so they engage in it more and more. All this leads to experimenting, including all sorts of intercourse. However, due to their lack of experience, they end up having lots of risky sex, which leads to numerous issues.

Seeking Approval and Validation

One thing that’s the same for both adolescents and people above age 18 is that they need approval and validation. Like all of us, teens require acceptance, care, and, of course, love. Unfortunately, many of them don’t have that at home. For various reasons, teens are left to their devices, looking for affection elsewhere.

That elsewhere are relationships that lead to sex, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing by any means. All this means that teens looking for affection will seek more sexual partners than those who don’t. And since most of them do, well, a major portion will literally fuck around. Of course, none of this is great for public health, but just you try and stop them.

Parental Influence

Another reason why some teens are all about poontang is that they pick it up from their parents. Okay, we’re not suggesting that their moms and dads actually do the deed in front of them, but they do play a major role. For instance, this is mostly the case of single parents who date as they did back in their teens. They bring over partners every other night, and kids notice that. As such, they accept open relationships and engage in sex more freely.


But it’s not just about single parents. They have it bad as it is. The same could be said of married couples who have a more liberal approach to their children. Again, this isn’t a bad thing by any means. However, if it’s not articulated rightfully, it can lead teens to believe that careless sex is okay sex. This is why it’s important to balance between being a modern, progressive parent as well as a responsible mom or dad who will present them with the dangers of adolescent sex as well.

Lack of Proper Knowledge

Lastly, we need to mention the lack of knowledge teens possess about sexual intercourse. Most of what they know about making love is from porn videos. However, pornographic content is as far removed from reality as anything you can imagine. Sure, performers have actual intercourse on set, but it’s scripted and edited greatly. All this leads to many misconceptions about what having sex is and to what it can lead to.


A lack of knowledge wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t a path to problems like unwanted pregnancies and improper treatment of partners. It can also lead teens to have unrealistic expectations of sex. From what average human bodies look like to how long average sex lasts. Unfortunately, sex education programs seem to be doing nothing. It needs a proper overhaul so that teenagers can have a safer and better experience in the future.