What does it feel to have anal sex? Are you willing to try it?

Are you already a fan of anal sex? Or is it something you’d be willing to try? If the answer is yes, we have a couple of tricks that may help you along the way. 

What is anal sex?

What is anal sex? By this term is meant everything that includes anal play. Usually, it refers to anal penetration, which can be either with a toy or a penis. However, you can also consider other types of butt stuff anal sex, for example, anilingus (as asslicking, to cut the chase).

Both giving and receiving anal is part of anal play, and there are many people across the world who adore it. If you are interested in trying it, there are a couple of things you should know before you test it yourself. 

Try at your own risk

Humanity is divided. Some people adore anal, while others hate the idea of it. It is as simple as that. You either love it, or you hate it. There aren’t many people who are indifferent about it, and almost everyone has an opinion. 

There is a chance that you could be in either of these categories. But before you decide to test it, you should know that there is a reason why so many people aren’t willing to try it. 

Firstly, anal can create micro-tears in the rectum if the person is not using enough lube or is going too rough. These tears can be a home for bacteria, and they can cause health complications even if the couple doesn’t have any STIs. 

Another related problem is that anus is filled with bacteria. And while this is perfectly normal, this bacteria shouldn’t enter the vagina. It can cause urinary tract infections, which is why you should never use the same toy for both holes (or switch between them while having sex). 

Of course, the majority of problems can be avoided if the couple is careful enough and take all the necessary precautions.  

So what does anal sex feel like?

One of the first things we should mention is that anal sex can be uncomfortable at first. And that is perfectly fine. You will need to get used to the stimulation, and even if you take all the precautions, it can still be a bit painful. When you relax, you’ll be able to fully enjoy it. Just keep in mind that there is a reason so many people love anal.

So, how does anal feel like when you start enjoying it? There are two things we should discuss here. Firstly, anal is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. But it is also different for people based on their sex. 

For example, those with a prostate might be able to reach orgasm unlike any other. During anal, a toy or a penis will massage the prostate through the inner wall of the rectum. Additionally, putting pressure on the sphincter will also result in waves of pleasure. And this is something that is important regardless of one’s sex. 

That means that there are two types of orgasm. For men, there is a prostate orgasm, and for women, a purely anal orgasm. In the latter, penetration can indirectly stimulate the A-spot, which is a part of the vagina. 

As for the feeling of anal, some people compare it to vaginal sex, while others say it feels like reverse pooping. The only way to find out which group you’re in is to try it yourself. 

What are the benefits of anal sex?

Anal can be beneficial for your body. The most obvious reason is that it feels good. Having an orgasm can act as stress relief, and anal can help you reach it. The whole experience can be quite intense. Many people say that they are able to reach full-body orgasms with anal, and it will help you feel amazing. 

Of course, the whole talk about butt stuff is still taboo in many places, which can only make it more exciting. It allows you to learn more about your body and your partner and experience pleasure like never before. 

But that isn’t the end. We already mentioned prostate massages, and the body will release excess fluids from the prostate. That, along with ejaculations, can lower the chances of developing prostate cancer. 

In short, anal is an excellent way to have fun, use sex toys, and become even closer with your partner.  

So, are you ready?

If you feel like you’re ready to try it out, there are a couple of tips we can share with you. The first rule of butt play is to use lots of lube. You need to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. 

You can always start experimenting on your own before you are ready to start having fun with a partner. One of the best things about anal play is that you can find training kits that will help you every step of the way.

These kits are designed for anal training or stretching, and they include the necessary tools to help you prepare. 

Start small

The best course of action is to start slow. You shouldn’t rush into it since you can hurt yourself. One of the ideas you can try out is to use fingers at first. Fingers will give you better control, and they are a lot smaller compared to sex toys. 

Once you get to understand how everything feels, you can proceed to anal training kits. Keep in mind that butt plugs are your friends. These toys can be an excellent tool for preparing your butt, and you will get used to the sensation in your anus. 

As you know, butt plugs initiate readiness in your anus. The most significant thing in the entire process is to keep it slow while building your way up.

Start with a small butt plug from lovegasm because the right fit and size that they offer will stretch your anal muscle during sex toy insertion. Try to relax as much as possible, take deep breaths, and start having fun.