My Wife Wants to Have Sex With Another Man, and I Like It

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to hear stories about couples who’ve had enough of their boring lives. As time goes by, routine sets in, and your once interesting relationship becomes stale and tiresome. It’s an unfortunate set of circumstances, but it happens even to the best of us. There’s no shame in it.

But ever since mainstream culture became aware of various kinks and fetishes, couples began to find ways to enrich their sex lives once again. Taboos and social stigmas no longer bear the same weight as they did before. From film and TV to porn, a regular Joe can see almost anything.

However, other than your usual fantasies like role-playing, one particular kink stands out from the rest. Of course, we’re talking about hotwives and the cuckold fetish. It’s an increasingly popular fantasy lots of people in the West experiment with. In short, it’s a kink that consists of husbands (boyfriends) watching their wives have sex with someone else.

It’s a sexual humiliation fetish of sorts, meaning they both get off by breaking the traditional norms of monogamous relationships. The female partner (willingly and with full consent from their partner) goes around looking for someone to have sex with. Moreover, she does it in front of her hubby while he sits and enjoys himself.

Surely, it might seem like too much for most ordinary couples. But it’s an adventurous yet safe way to spark some fire in your bedroom. And as far as kinks and fetishes go, it’s not for everyone. Therefore, we’d like to demystify the whole thing by going deeper into the concept of cuckolding and hotwifing.

Living the Cuckold Life

Although cuckolding is relatively new in the mainstream, it’s always been a thing between couples. But back then, society didn’t look too fondly at kinks in general, let alone sharing your wife with another man. We feel the need to explain it a bit better since this form of erotic humiliation is still pretty taboo. After all, there’s a lot of stigma around this sexual fantasy.

The cuck fetish is a kind of humiliation play that involves a man (husband or boyfriend) consensually watching his female partner have sex with a third person. The word cuckolding comes from a cuckoo bird that lays eggs in other birds’ nests. Hence, you could say that the connection is pretty clear, isn’t it? More on Sexual Humiliation Fetish

The cuck is the man watching, his wife/girlfriend is the hotwife, and the third person is the bull. The bull is commonly a much more dominant male in terms of attractiveness, physique, or even penis size. But it’s not a rule; hence bulls can be just ordinary guys, looking to get laid with someone’s wife, fiance, or partner.

Introducing Your Wife to Cuckolding

To say that cuckolding is easy and for everyone would be a big lie. Every intimate relationship is prone to jealousy, no matter how strong it seems. And cuckolding being a kink built on sexual arousal from watching your wife having sex with another man in front of you is bound to lead to problems if not done the right way. Therefore, it’s key that you introduce this idea gradually to your partner.

Firstly, for it to work, you’ll need full consent and understanding. It’s not like introducing foot fetish to your sex life — it’s way more complicated. So talking about it and explaining your idea to your partner is the only way to start. In no way do we suggest you force something upon them — it would completely defeat the purpose of the cuckolding fetish.

The general idea is that she’ll have better sex than before. That, in itself, should be enough to spark initial interest for her. Also, she’ll get the chance to reverse the traditional roles of male dominance right in front of you. For example, verbal humiliation during sex will help her feel above you, whilst also satisfying your need for submission.

Matching Your Wife With Another Man

Since you need other people outside your relationship, you can consider cuckolding a tricky fetish to have. It’s not like you’re going to go walking around town asking people to fuck your wife. Luckily, there are ways of meeting people who enjoy it as much as you. For starters, the internet.

In a day and age when you can pretty much buy or see whatever you want online, it would be crazy to think you couldn’t find someone horny enough to join you. From social networks full of cuck groups to sites like Craigslist, you can easily find a way in. But finding the right person might prove to be more troublesome than it seems.

Again, both of you must have full consent when it comes to cuckolding. This also means that no one has the upper hand when it comes to choosing the bull. So you’ll need to find a middle ground where both of you will be satisfied with the look and character of your potential wife-banger. It’s a collective effort (pun intended).

Why Men Get Off From the Cuckolding Fetish?

Essentially, cuckolding disrupts the traditional power dynamics between men and women. It’s a form of humiliation for the male to allow and watch their partner be penetrated by a more handsome and fit guy. Some guys just get off to being submissive. They enjoy sexual jealousy differently than others.

You could say that cuckolding is as femdom as fetishes get. She enjoys great sex while also calling her hubby pathetic and weak. Of course, she doesn’t have to mean it — it’s just a part of the game. But while it lasts, they both get off doing it. This just adds to our idea that cuckolding isn’t for everyone. More on femdom in this Cosmopolitan article.

So if you think your sex life could benefit from it, talk to your partner and explain everything. It might prove to be the best possible decision you’ve ever made. But remember — full consent and understanding are essential for it to work. If one of you is having doubts about it, it’s better to leave the idea behind.