Why Anal Hooks Are The Best for BDSM

Debauchery, thy name is anal hook. Some might say that anal hooks are the most beautifully dangerous culmination of both anal play and bondage play. They are something you work your way up to as they aren’t for the faint of heart. Those who are just dipping their toes in the kink world might find anal hook BDSM play intimidating.

And with good reason! Anal hooks are the ultimate anal toy. And when we say ultimate, we mean it. They leave no wiggle room, offer no flexibility, and can be quite dangerous. Using an anal hook isn’t the same as restricting your partner’s hands and shoving a butt plug or dildo in their ass. Oh, no! That’s far too vanilla.

So beginners beware! But let’s see what makes anal hooks the ultimate BDSM sex toys.

They Make a Killer Leash

Using an anal hook means shoving a ball in the ass. The kicker is, the ball is at the end of a long hook that curves out of your booty. You can use the hook in various ways. Usually, it is hooked up to ropes, a leash, or other bondage accouterments. 

Anal hooks can be both an anal and vaginal torture device. However, anal use is far more common because vaginas don’t have the same grip on the hook as rectums do. 

Because the metal hook is so rigid and massive, inserting and removing the toy puts a strain on anal muscles. The hook restricts movement all by itself, let alone when attached to something else. What’s more, even twitching with an anal hook in your ass is hard. 

That makes anal hooks the ultimate restriction devices. They leave little wiggle room. Every move you make moves or dislodges the hook, which isn’t the most pleasant feeling in the world. That means you’ll do anything to keep the hook from moving, which really makes it the ultimate leash for a submissive.

Doms can rest assured that their subs are going precisely where they want them to when there’s a massive metal hook in their ass. One tug is all it takes to get them on their knees (figuratively).

They Are Versatile

Although similar in shape and form, there are actually a lot of different types of anal hooks out there. The most common one is the stainless steel anal hook with multiple balls. The balls come in different sizes, which adds to the toy’s versatility. 

Most anal hooks are in the shape of a letter J or U. The staple feature is the ball that’s attached to the end. If there’s more than one, the hooks look like anal beads on a long J-shaped steel pipe.

Of course, not all of them have the ball at the end. What’s more, the balls might even be detachable. If that’s the case, make sure to screw them on correctly to avoid having to fish a ball out of the depths of your butt. Still, (lost) ball or no ball, the anal hook will leave you in a predicament. 

Furthermore, some of these gadgets might have a cock ring or even a cock cage attached. That is an extra feature that ensures an even tighter control over the submissive.  Now, just because you use anal hooks does not mean you cannot incorporate other toys anymore. In fact, you can even use dildos, cock rings, or yoni eggs while having sex wearing an anal hook. 

They Are a Walk on the Wild Side

When playing with a risky toy like an anal hook, safety always has to come first. Because they are so rigid and unforgiving, anal hooks require a lot of prep. So don’t be stingy with that lube and make sure you stretch the rim properly. 

Yes, you don’t want to overdo it. A gaping anus might allow the ball to slip out and defeat the entire purpose of the toy. However, just keep this in mind — you are one sharper tug away from having an ass that looks like the Joker’s face. 

It’s also essential to figure out the best anal hook positions that will cause the least amount of discomfort. Open communication between partners is crucial, as both parties have to be aware of potential risks and have a strategy in place.

Since anal hooks can be quite dangerous, if you mix them with whole-body bondage, try to give the tied party some leeway. Consider leaving them an out (a loose knot they can use to escape in case of a dire emergency). Sure, it will diminish the whole feeling of helplessness, but it can prevent severe injuries.

Other safety measures include no double-dipping (seriously, never do that) and using a sex toy cleaner after every session with the toy.

The Importance of Safe Words

Of course, using safe words is the Holy Grail of BDSM. Safewords are your “no questions asked” way out of anything because they demand immediate release. They are the BDSM version of cease and desist.

So before you start any kinky play, make sure everyone involved knows your safe word. 

A Few Parting Words

Anal hooks offer an opportunity to turn your regular play into edge play and spice things up a bit. The perfect balance between anal and bondage, anal hooks are restrictive, versatile, and potentially dangerous. Thus, these toys are rightfully called the best anal toys for BDSM. A delightful tool, both in the eyes of the Doms and the subs, anal hooks are a gift that keeps giving.