What are the Best Intimate Massages for Couples?

The massages are a wonderful way to reconnect with your body. It helps you to take time for yourself or to spend time with each other. It is a well-deserved break in your world where everything is going too fast.

The sensual massage is a preliminary shock and charm that will put your partner in all its forms before moving on to serious things! Whether sensual or sexy, with or without accessories, in music or in peace, from here or elsewhere, there is a varied range of massages to do as a couple. It will also let you know how to increase your ejaculate volume to give your partner more thrills.

Experts have selected for you a series of massage techniques to help you discover the fusion of bodies, to express your emotions, your senses and the sexual energy that lies dormant in each of us. So relax and let you be guided.

Tips before starting your massage

Here are some tips to make the experience even more enjoyable:

  • Make sure the room is at a good temperature, within 23 ∞ / 24 ∞. If it’s too cold the muscles will not relax, the body tenses and we take no pleasure.
  • We cut his cell phone, that’s it! No verification of spam work or social networks for a break in love.
  • Choose a soft and soothing music that will allow your mind (and your hands) to wander rhythmically on each other’s body.
  • Subdued setting atmosphere, soft light or candles will let guess the body and its curves.
  • Avoid heavy meals that weigh down the body and make the experience uncomfortable. Opt, why not for aphrodisiac dishes such as oysters or raised with ginger rather than chili con carne.
  • Float a sweet scent of jasmine, ylang-ylang or orange that promotes relaxation and travels the sense of smell in distant lands. Essential oils are more pleasant and effective than incense that can sometimes irritate and be too heady (read our article on essential oil dispensers).
  • Comfort above all else. Make yourself comfortable (ideally naked), have soft blankets or thick towels on the floor (often more convenient than on the bed), pleasant skin materials.
  • Use quality oils such as sweet almond oil, jojoba, apricot that make the gestures more fluid and the skin hydrated afterwards.
  • Use yoni eggs in yoga sessions for additional health and wellness benefits.

And above all, listen to your partner, his reactions, vary the pressures and techniques. Avoid sensitive areas if there are. The main thing is to give and receive pleasure, give free rein to your imagination and caress, touch, kiss with your whole body and your heart.

Face and head: absolute relaxation

That the one who has not already had orgasm content at the hairdresser during the shampoo session throws me the first stone! When the hairdresser (or hairdresser) makes penetrate his hands in your hair and letís go his expert fingers on your skull, pressing here and there, pressing slightly your temples and the top of the head. What a sweet feeling even if the position is not always pleasant, we let ourselves go. To perform this massage, sit cross-legged with a cushion placed on your feet, the head of your partner rests on the cushion.

With a small dab of oil, start by brushing the neck, then the chin, the cheeks, the wings of the nose, around the eyes and then the forehead. Make slight circular movements without pressing too much. Repeat these actions a dozen times, while kissing your partner.

Then go to the head, make circular movements with your thumbs at the base of the skull, slide your fingers to the temples and then the top of the head. Massage the whole scalp and pressing with the fingertips. To finish place your hands for a few minutes on the temples, breathe slowly and take the time both to savor this sweet moment. Ideal after a long day of work or time spent in traffic jams and of course in the mouth before a more naughty stage.

These touches provide a great relaxation because they stimulate the energy center located at the forehead, the 3rd eye. They allow evacuating stress and tensions. In addition, the scalp is connected to multiple points of sexual stimulation.

The Yoni: the art of tantric massage

In the millennial Tantric tradition, the word yoni refers to the female sex. A brief reminder of what tantrism is: it is basically a philosophy of life born more than 1500 years ago in India. Tantrism is a set of texts and rituals whose purpose is, through the exploration of its senses, to reach a state of total awakening.

Tantrism is primarily for couples: love and trust are two essential keys to achieving Tantric orgasm. Another important condition for playing the tantric game is not to consider sex only as a means of achieving orgasm. It is also worth noting that the goal is to awaken the “Kundalini”, our inner vital energy which is at the base of the spine (sacrum).

To achieve this massage lie comfortably (with pillows under the head to be able to associate the sensations with the visual, which increases the excitation). Also place a pillow under your hips too. Your legs are extended on each side, knees slightly bent, the sex offered to the masseur.

Before you start, remember that your nails must be impeccably cut to avoid any unpleasant sensations or injuries and your hands must be clean. You can use oil or a lubricant or let the nature and use the natural fluids (vaginal lubrication) of your partner.

Begin by performing with fingers (index, middle finger, thumb), concentric caresses on the pubis. Spread the big lips of the vulva to massage the mount of Venus, then the inner lips by squeezing them between thumb and forefinger.

Gently rub your fingers along the labia minora, touching the clitoris as you go. Insert the middle finger of the right hand to explore and massage the inside of the vagina. Caress slowly, gently, up, down and on the sides, vary the depth and pressure. The middle finger inside the “yoni”, palm up, move the finger in a gesture of “come here to caress the G-spot (or “sacred point” in Tantrism) under the pubic bone behind the clitoris. Throughout the experience, listen to your partner, his breath, his groans.

You can conclude this massage with vibrations on the yoni: press the clitoris and make “vibrate” his hand. The higher the pace will be supported, the more the pleasure will be intense.

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