Beginners’ Guide to Fetish Anal Training

You hear it here and there and you may be interested in it, but not everyone knows exactly how to train your asshole and what to look for. The speech here is from the BDSM scene and the practices used there. If you want to take the first steps, you should pay attention to a few things. We have put together some points for you to help you get started.

Basic rules

In the beginning it is important to clarify that the partner and you yourself are the most important are. The focus of all practices should be on your preferences, your fantasies and your needs. Since not everyone knows exactly what each other explicitly want, communication is immensely important. Exact wishes and possible expectations must be clarified in advance so that no misunderstandings occur. Also the time should be chosen appropriately. If these are the first steps in the BDSM field, then some taboos are omnipresent which can slowly be reduced over time. You do not have to rush things. Everything comes with time. So that at the beginning as well as in the advanced stage no things happen that do not want or go too far, first of all a safe word has to be introduced. This word is for safety and should be used. Nobody should be harmed, because the desire is in the foreground. The dominant part, the so-called cathedral, should therefore also be ready to take on some responsibility. Both psychological and physical stability is therefore a prerequisite. The choice of the cathedral should therefore be considered.

BDSM toys

If you have followed the basics and discussed the main points, then the real fun can begin. In principle, one can have BDSM sex without any toys, but the use of aids increases the appeal. In addition to the classic purchase of certain items such as leather shackles, whips or candles can be found in everyday life items that can be wonderfully used for this purpose like your own hands for hitting, fingernails for scratching or teeth for biting. The belt of the morning coat or even a scarf can be misused and used for restraints. The classic candle wax can also be used to connect pain and pleasure. Pay special attention to the heat here. Normal candles can get very hot, you could burn yourself. Special candles only reach a certain heat, which may be more compatible. Here it depends on your own wishes. Cock cages can increase pleasure if used correctly.

Clothes cling can also be used to cause some pain to the partner or himself. You should be careful and start with a few minutes at first, because you should first get a sense of how far you can go. Exaggerating this, there is a risk that damage such as dying tissue.


When using and implementing all the ideas already mentioned, there are many points that should be considered, especially for newcomers. If one fixes someone, then the limbs must be considered. Here both the cathedral and the sub must keep an eye on it. If a strong tingling sensation or a numb feeling occurs, the fixation must be resolved immediately. When shackles even it should be noted that the head does not hang over an edge or is placed on a soft surface. If you use handcuffs, sharp edges may be a potential hazard. Here, too, open your eyes. The strokes that are performed, whether with the bare hand or with an aid, should by no means go from beginners to the head, the neck, the neck, the joints or the kidney area. Slaps on the face are possible, there is the slightest danger, with the other areas, and possible damage cannot be ruled out. You can also warm the skin by light strokes with the palm of your hand. Areas such as buttocks, upper back or thighs are best suited for this. As a result, the circulation is promoted, whereby the skin is “warmed up”.

4th accident

With the word accident one loses immediately the desire and would like to avoid this of course as well as possible. But this is something that can happen especially with amateurs. If severe injuries occur, you should contact an emergency doctor immediately. Do not worry about a possible shame. On the one hand, doctors have a duty of confidentiality, which means that this faux pas can never be put on the big bell. On the other hand, doctors have usually seen and experienced quite a lot, which also mitigates the prevailing situation.

In summary, there are some points that should be considered before embarking on the BDSM adventure. But if you pay attention to these points and gain more and more experience, then you will find great joy.

Lustful tickling

With tickling, you personally connect some funny and sometimes annoying childhood memories. Tickling was always funny with the parents or the brother. At school, you were often frightened from behind when a classmate suddenly drove under your armpits and teased. This is a shocking moment. No pleasant feeling. So it was clear to me from the beginning: tickling can mean both closeness, but also quickly becomes agony.

Tickling as a punishment

Twitching is actually a reflex to protect our sensitive body regions, because that’s where we’re especially ticklish: on the neck, under the arms, on the stomach, on the soles of the feet. An attack on these spots causes a shriek and a wild twitch to shake off a potential threat. The laugh’s reaction is due to the relief of the brain, that it is only a harmless touch and not a danger. Scientifically, we are still in the dark.

As per research on the tickle fetish: tickling is often found in the BDSM context. Although the first reaction to tickling is laughter or screeching, this behavior often has nothing to do with having fun. It quickly becomes a real punishment and torment – everyone who is ticklish knows what they are talking about.

In the middle Ages, offenders were strapped onto a bench and tickled with feathers. Another popular method was to sprinkle salt on the soles of the feet; a goat then did the tickle work with her tongue. This punishment was just uncomfortable, but due to the fits of laughter it could also lead to cramps in the abdominal muscle area and shortness of breath. No wonder then that tickling has survived above all as a punishment in the BDSM context. The tickling has the power, while the tickled defenseless and delivered to endure the tickling.

Striking is, however, that especially young people with the tickle fetish video request approached experts. Assume that tickling is especially popular with young people, because it has nothing to do with “just plugging in” and having sex but especially with touch. Nevertheless, this touch can also be sexual. Quickly one touches oneself at the breasts, at the Po, between the legs. When being tickled you also do not know when such a touch occurs and where it will happen. That’s the charm. Again, it’s about power again.

Lustful tickling

Everybody is ticklish to a different degree. Some have completely “tanned off”, others are by no means at home and in some already a light stroking and they turn completely. Here’s how it sounds: explore limits. So if you want to incorporate tickling into your lovemaking now, be it in the BDSM context or not, then you can do it with almost anything. Tickling is also quite easy with everyday objects such as your electric toothbrush, a silk scarf, a hairbrush or simply with long fingernails.

This is originally a medical instrument used in neurological examinations of pain perception. Today it is at home in the BDSM sector, as the wheel can also be very painful when pressure is applied more intensively. But it is also wonderful for tickling, as the needles are perceived by the nerve endings very intense.