5 Best Positions When Using Butt Plugs

Anal sex and anal sex toys are a special and very exciting form† of sexual stimulation. More and more men and women are experiencing this anal stimulation as a special sexual experience. Anyone wishing to try a butt plug for the first time may have questions about the exciting subject of “Butt plug sex positions “, and experienced users may be curious to see which models they can use for the next game:

What are anal plugs or anal plugs?

Anal plugs, often called butt plugs, or post capsules, are sex toys intended for anal stimulation. They look similar to a dildo, but are usually smaller in size than conventional vibrators or vaginal stimulators. Butt plugs are slightly rounded at the insertion side to make the insertion easier. The lower part of the plugs consists of a larger, rounded surface, which completely prevents the plug from slipping completely into the anal area. The ergonomic concept of anal sex toys is designed to stay in place and not slip during use, these basics are part of every plug, but there are an infinite number of different shapes, colors, materials and models.

Who are butt plugs suitable for?

Anal plugs are for those who want to experience anal stimulation as exciting or tingling anal sensations. Whether for the preparation for anal intercourse or for pure stimulation: Butt plugs are suitable for all women and men, whether beginner or expert, homosexual or heterosexual. Couples who love exploring use butt plugs to enhance sexy time.  Smaller plugs or plug sets with different sizes are especially suitable for beginners. If you start with a small butt plug, you can slowly get used to the pleasant feeling in the anal area, relax the rectal muscles and are stretched slightly. If the plugs are used for pure stimulation, then there are also countless models for every taste. For men, anal plugs with a focus on the P-point are interesting, since the prostate stimulation an anal or strong orgasm can be caused.

Which models are available?

There are different models with different sizes and designs. If you are a beginner, you may opt to purchase a set. This way, you don’t need to purchase another toy once your anus is ready for a larger toy. Here other models that are popular among butt plug enthusiasts:

Butt plug with crystal

An anal plug with ornamental stone is a beautiful anal gem. Their design makes these plugs a real eye-catcher and ensures a pleasant anal stimulation. These plugs are mostly made of metal and have both corrugated body and smooth surfaces. Ribbed models give rise to even more intense sensations and guarantee even more enjoyment during insertion.

Butt plug with tail

Role play Butt plugs provide an exciting look and are a must have for any Animal Play. Would you like to stage an exciting role-playing game with your partner? Then, in addition to a matching costume, the plug with tail or pompom should not be missing. The plugs in this category literally turn you into a sexy beast! Are you a clever fox, a cuddly kitten, a submissive dog, a nimble bunny or a hot mare? Would you like to discover more of the animal game accessories? In the category Animal Play you will find everything you need for a good animal RPG! If you’re interested, you can visit the LP collection of animal tails.

Inflatable plugs

Inflatable butt plugs can go from small to large by pumping it by hand. This type of butt plug gives couples the power to adjust its size depending on their mood, experience level, or during their anal play. The one wearing the plug can fully relax, while the other one slowly pumps it up to desired size and comfort. It becomes a stimulating game when the inflatable plug is inserted into the partner and the other part holds the power in his hands. If the plug is used by the partner, then it is essential to pay attention to his reactions, so that it is also a pleasure for all involved.

Classic anal plugs

The classic plugs are probably the most famous plugs among the Anal toys. The classic butt plug can be recognized by its narrow, rounded tip, the narrow neck and the flat underside or a pull ring. They are available in various sizes and shapes. Ask yourself what you feel comfortable and decide then only for a plug. Do you want an anal plug that slips effortlessly into the sphincter? Then you should opt for a smooth model. Also think about which material inspires and excites you. A silicone plug is flexible and adapts to the body even easier than, for example, a steel anal plug, The latter can provide stimulating cold-war sensations and are easier to introduce.

Prostate Plugs

The P-point is, so to speak, the male G-spot. This refers to the prostate, a gland that truly deserves a lot of attention. A prostate stimulation not only provides for a more intense sexual arousal, but can also produce stronger orgasms. A prostate plug provides targeted stimulation as the curved shape massages the prostate gland, which is about 6 cm behind the anus. The P-point is perfectly stimulated by the ergonomic shape.

Tunnel anal plugs

Everything is possible with a hollow plug. Open plugs have a hole and an open tip. You can thus massage the sphincter from the inside out. Anal tunnel plugs facilitate the penetration and the introduction of lubricant becomes an unprecedented ease. Some of these hollow plugs can be pushed over the penis to penetrate the partner. A ribbed structure or nubs provide additional stimulation.

Vibrating anal plugs

A vibrating plug provides double pleasure as stimulation and vibration take place at the same time. In addition, vibrating plugs are also suitable for prostate stimulation. The vibrations provide a deep excitement.

XXL anal plugs

For all experts and those who have already gained a lot of experience with anal plugs, there are extra big plugs. The XXL plugs ensure a really full anal feeling. These plugs are available in a variety of shapes and designs and not only for extreme stimulation but also for enormous XXL sensations.

Which lubricant is used in anal plugs?

The insertion of Butt Plugs must always be supported by a suitable lubricant to avoid pain or lacerations. There are a few things to remember when choosing the lubricant: Only use oil-based lubricants as they will not dry out the anus and anal area. Note, however, that oil-based lubricants are not compatible with condoms or silicone or latex toys. Use special anal lubricant!

Does Wearing a Butt Plug While Vaginal Intercourse Add a Different Sensation?

Just like having sex in a new position, intercourse with an anal butt plug can prove to be a whole other dimension. It’s not a secret that people get bored with the basics pretty quickly. Hence, they opt to try something new. From changing roles to exchanging places, couples nowadays go for a mixture of traditional intercourse and sex toys.

So, can getting down on your hands and knees in a doggy style position with a butt plug in your ass up the game? Most people think that it can, and we can’t blame them. By teasing another erogenous zone while receiving clitoral stimulation, women get the double package. On the other hand, their partners get the satisfaction of controlling the whole thing.

Thrusting the vibrating anal plug in and out of the rectum while having oral sex is also an option. Basically, everything can work with standard or electric butt plugs. These sex products just give another dimension to the whole experience.

With butt plugs, both partners can enjoy sex, be it via intercourse or a blow job. Also, cock ring-wearing men can plug their asses while they “dog style” fuck their partner. The possibilities are endless, and pleasure is guaranteed!

Is It Safe to Have Sex While Wearing an Electric Butt Plug?

Let’s be frank here. They are safe as long as you follow the basic instructions the manufacturers offer along with their products. Using plugs for something they’re not designed for can cause problems, but that’s fairly obvious, isn’t it? Well, some people aren’t aware of the basics, so let’s talk a bit about them.

Firstly, using lube with anal sex toys is a must. The rectal canal is tight, so putting an object in it while the muscles are not relaxed can make for a pretty painful experience. Plugging electric stuff in the butt will not be a problem as long as you use enough lube.

Keeping the toy clean and not sharing it after rectal use is essential. As we all know, exchanging feces and bacteria can cause serious health problems. Also, suffering electroshocks while washing the battery-charged toy after use won’t be a problem as long as the device is off.

We recommend people with existing prostate conditions or hemorrhoids stay away from some more insane plugs out there. Causing additional damage to an existing problem isn’t smart at all. Testing your health damaged genitals before consulting a doctor, in general, is a big no. Safety should always be in the first place!