The Fluffiest and Sexiest Tail Plugs

Tail plugs are so much more than mere sex toys. They offer the best of both worlds as they not only stimulate the person wearing them, but they also reinforce and improve the quality of petplay. 

Petplay or animal play is a type of roleplay where one partner takes on the role of an animal of their (or their partner’s) choice. This type of play usually includes a submissive (Pet) and a Dominant (Owner or Handler).

Although accessories aren’t as important for petplay as the state of mind, they do make the entire experience much more memorable.  

Why Petplay Roleplay Is Popular and Sexy to Some People

Not all couples find the prospect of petplay appealing. Not even everyone who is elbows deep into the BDSM community does, and that’s perfectly valid. 

Petplay includes elements of ownership, relinquishing (or taking) responsibility, and sometimes even humiliation. So some of you are right to wonder why even try it out.

For a submissive, the role of the pet makes them feel liberated. They enjoy not having any responsibilities other adult humans have. What’s more, they love having another person be entirely in charge of every little decision about their life. That way, they can completely let go of control and be more carefree. How many problems or daily stress inducers does an average real-life pet have, anyway? Probably very few, which is the point of taking on a pet persona and enjoying being owned by the Handler. 

On the other hand, the Owners enjoy training their pets and molding their behavior into something they find appealing, acceptable, and reward-worthy. They also get to hold the reins of someone else’s life in their hands, which is a huge rush and a massive responsibility at the same time.

The Vast World of Petplay

Not every pet/Owner relationship is the same. Each couple has their own set of needs and expectations. Some like to be in their pet persona as long as possible, while others only do it occasionally when the real world gets to be too much. 

The most significant differences in petplay, aside from the approach, are the pet personas. A sub can choose their own pet persona, based on their own personality traits, or their Dom can choose it for them. 

The most common pets out there are puppies, kittens, and ponies. However, there are also some wild bushy-tailed animals thrown in the mix, such as foxes, fawns, and wolves, as well as a mythical creature or two. Some people simply get off on pretending to be a Fenix, so what?

Because there are a lot of different pets out there, there are a lot of accessories (animal tails included) available as well. Here are the fluffiest and sexiest ones, just in case you were having trouble picking your pet persona.

Kitten Tail Plug

Kitten tail plugs are butt plugs that have a long and sleek tail attached to the base that are a staple part of kitten play. They come in many different colors, just like real kittens make for a whole fluffy and adorable rainbow. For an extra effect, you can pair them up with kitten ears of the same fur color.

The most important factor of any butt plug is the flared base. No matter what type of kitten tail plug you go for, you have to make sure the base is secure enough that it won’t cause any mishaps. You might not think that is a potential problem. After all, there’s a giant tail at the end of the plug; it’s not like it’s going anywhere, right? Well, vigorous pet play can have consequences. 

Namely, you can rip the fluffy part of the tail plug from the base. And if the base isn’t flared, you’d be in for a quick and mortifying trip to the ER.  Our number one tip is to get tail plugs from trusted stores. has a Huge selection of cat tails, all their products are known for their premium quality.

Pony Tail Plug

Pony play is another common type of petplay, and it’s most common in MSFD relationships (male sub, female Dom). These plugs can be made out of hair (and resemble a real horse tail) or rubber. It’s a matter of personal preference which one you choose.

All pet tail plugs are usually made from synthetic rubber. However, there are manufacturers out there who specialize in realistic tail plugs and have a variety of real horse hair plugs to offer. So, if you’re vegan, make sure you pay attention to that. Either way, pony tail plugs are sleek and longer than car or fox tails.

Still, there’s a lot of variety when it comes to pony tail plugs. Depending on what your pony persona is, you can go for a sleek tail or a bushy one. Wild horses don’t have polished, glistening tails, but good, trained ponies do. So pick one that best fits you. 

Wolf Tail Plug

Bushier than all its other counterparts, wolf tail plugs are usually dark. Reddish-brown, chocolate brown, and black are the most common tail colors out there, although those who imagine their inner wolves a bit differently will be able to find other tail types as well.

All tail plugs come in various shapes and sizes. What’s more, some have a detachable tail with a magnet system, which means that you can pick and choose which tail to pair up with which butt plug.

Wolf play is usually more aggressive in nature. Wolves are wild beasts, apex predators, and can be vicious. Therefore, taming one is no easy task. So while choosing a plug, make sure that no amount of tugging can detach the tail part from the plug base. And if that does happen, make sure to pick one with a flared base.

Unicorn Tail Plug

Unicorn tail plugs are as gorgeous as they are elegant, especially since they’re considered as some of the prettiest tail plugs out there. Rainbow coloring is the most prominent in this category. However, you can also find holo tails and iridescent, shimmery tails that sparkle in the sun. Pastel colors with an ombre effect are also quite popular with those into Unicorn petplay. 

Although there are some sleek unicorn tails, you’ll mostly find big, bushy, wavy tails on the market. With a “go big or go home” motto, unicorn tail plugs don’t mess around when it comes to size.

Unicorn play isn’t that common in the BDSM or fetish community. However, because of the sheer popularity of unicorns and other mythical creatures in the last couple of decades, people outside of these communities started showing interest in occasional petplay for fun. If we’re honest, that’s where Unicorns reign supreme. So the sex toy market had to adapt. That’s why you can find a wide variety of unicorn tail plugs out there.

Unicorn tails usually have silicone or glass plugs. What’s more, these toys are generally as colorful and fun looking as the tails themselves. 

A Few Parting Words

Tail plugs are adorable, sexy, and seductive. They bring the entire fantasy of petplay one step closer to reality. What’s more, they are also fun and pleasurable to wear. Although, those a bit more enthusiastic should be careful! Once you get one tail, you might not be able to stop! After all, one can never have too many accessories, right?