Is it Safe to Have Sex During Pregnancy?

Safety measures and boundaries are healthy and necessary. But the desire to make them drastic increases as the maternal instinct kicks in. That still shouldn’t stop you from engaging in and enjoying sex the way you’ve done it before. You only need to keep a few things in mind.

Sounds like an easy enough task, no? 

Consider this article your therapy session because it’ll put your mind at ease and answer all the questions you had coming here.

Can Your Partner’s Penis Penetrate Your Vagina and Hurt Your Baby?

It’s normal to have many concerns during pregnancy, such as: will I need a tummy tuck after this? Generally, you want to steer clear of anything that can harm your little bundle of joy. But what about, well, your joy? 

Having a high sex drive is normal during pregnancies because your hormones will go wild. And, luckily, pregnant sex can in no way harm your baby as a mucous plug forms on the cervix, preventing the fetus from being the third wheel while you’re getting it on. Now that you know that, your hormones aren’t the only ones that should be going wild.

Masturbation Is Safe Even With the Use of Sex Toys

In case you want to opt for something that you have more control over, you should make like dirty Alice and jump down the wondrous masturbation hole. Usage of adult sex toys during pregnancies isn’t unheard of. Checking in with your health care provider is always your safest bet, but it’s highly likely that anything you’ve used before pregnancy will be safe to use again. 

Sex toys for pregnant women haven’t been invented yet. But, the rule of thumb is, as always, being gentle and avoiding harsh materials (such as plastic or metal). Stick to smooth silicone instead, and you’ll be on your way to Wonderland in no time. That’s why special dildos for pregnant women should be made. Who doesn’t want the luxury and comfort of something explicitly made with them in mind? We’d be on board with that. So if you have been asking yourself are vibrators safe during pregnancy, then there’s your answer. It’s definitely safe!


Orgasm Helps You Relax During Pregnancy

It’s no secret that pregnancy is no carefree walk in the park with your sweet, newly adopted puppy. It’s more like you’ve managed to do all your job-related tasks for today, and now it’s 7 pm, but you have to come back home to your giant, adorable dog that needs at least an hour-long walk that you don’t know how you’ll push through.  Also, for some bizarre reason, everything makes you cry. 

At the end of the day, it’s all worth it, yes. But you’d still kill for a small break. And guess what? You can and should take a break. Orgasms can get rid of the stress you might be feeling and even make you sleep better. And the best part of it all is it’s perfectly safe as orgasm contractions aren’t the same as pregnancy contractions. Hence, they cannot induce labor or cause any complications. It’s, basically, a walk in the park.

Anal Sex Is Okay as Long as You Don’t Switch From Anal to Vaginal Sex to Avoid Infection

If all else fails, you can always turn to what has always had your back, and you’ve guessed it — it’s your behind. 

Anal play is something we’ve all at least thought of once in our lives, but engaging in it is a whole different story. It requires conversations with your partner, comfortability of you both, and setting clear boundaries, just in case things don’t go any further than they should. 

Like any other type of sex we’ve mentioned so far, anal sex is safe to practice while you’re carrying. However, there is one thing that we must point out, even though it seems painfully obvious.  

Namely, just like you don’t wipe back-to-front, you shouldn’t switch between anal and vaginal sex because bacteria are easily transferable from one place to another, and that may cause an infection in both you and your developing fetus. So don’t go down THAT rabbit hole. Again, you want to avoid infection during intercourse, so make sure to be extra cautious, and consult your doctor about it.

Sex could be a huge concern to some couples during a woman’s pregnancy. It could turn into frustration if not managed well especially for men. As a solution, some couples even use a cock cage to contain their man’s libido. For couples who practice chastity play even before pregnancy, wearing chastity devices while doing oral on you could be another thrill to the game. They key is to be creative, and you will make it through  your pregnancy while having fun.


To simplify — if something feels good, chances are it’s also good for your baby. Unwinding and relaxing can sometimes be hard, but many solutions can help you on your journey. Whether you want the help of your partner or a sex toy, guidelines are to be gentle, listen to yourself, and how your body reacts, and you’ll agree that’s nothing to stress about getting into pregnancy sex.