Sex at the time of pregnancy: Priorities your midwife words

For majority of people pregnancy and sex is complete opposite things and the upcoming mother is not allowed to enjoy sex with her husband. Recently the ideas and believes have changed. As per current research at the first stage of pregnancy and even in the eighth month also the lady can feel the urge for intimate stimulation and can enjoy sex but the hardcore penetration is not good for health. She can also use sex toys like vibrators for self pleasure. Maximum sex toy sites for women face the same question that is are vibrators safe during pregnancy: the issue is this question can’t be answered in just yes or no. There is some basic doubt which should be cleared first. The easiest solution is to make an appointment with your gynecologist and ask for the medical solutions to satisfy your sexual urge.

Is having sex safe during my pregnancy?

Your baby is protected by amniotic fluid, the uterus and the membranes. Your partner can therefore not damage the baby in any way with his penis. In certain situations, however, it is less safe or even dangerous to make love. In those cases, some people chastity devices while doing oral sex to prevent intercourse. You better not have sex if:

  • Your membranes are broken: The separation between your baby and the outside world is gone. As a result, there is a risk of infection during intercourse if the membranes are broken.
  • Your blood loses from your vagina: It is important to first know what the cause is. Discuss this with your midwife.
  • Your sex partner has an STD: A sexually transmitted disease is not only harmful to you, but can also be dangerous for your baby.
  • You have contractions for week 37: Loving can hasten childbirth if it is about to start. For 37 weeks your baby is not yet mature, so you better not take risks.

Your midwife said that it may be better not to have sex in your specific situation. If there are any indications, your midwife will warn you.

Can sex cause a miscarriage?

It is often thought that the baby’s rest and safety are breached by sex and that it can even cause a miscarriage.There is no chance that the penis can penetrate to your baby.The fetus is well packaged in the membranes and the amniotic fluid and it is completely closed off from the outside world by a mucus plug.

You also do not have to worry that when your uterus contracts with an orgasm, your baby is bothered. Your uterus is a muscle that contracts not only during your pregnancy, but throughout your life.

It is also good that that happens, because that way your uterus stays in good condition before delivery. You do not notice anything of those incidental contractions. In the second half of your pregnancy you feel them occasionally as hard bellies and when giving birth as contractions.Until the 7th or 8th month of your pregnancy there is no danger that sperm can cause an infection in your baby. Your baby is in the periosteum and therefore sperm and bacteria cannot reach your baby. In addition, there is a bend in your vagina, so that the penis cannot even get close to your uterus.

How is it that I no longer feel like having sex during my pregnancy?

The first 3 months of your pregnancy your body has to get used to the pregnancy hormones. These provide the infamous pregnancy ailments. You are tired, sick and your breasts are sensitive. Not surprising that you do not feel like having sex.This can sometimes be frustrating for yourself and for your partner.

Your breasts may have grown a full cup. Please blame him for not being able to stay away from you. And besides, he does not yet see your body that you are pregnant. Explain to him how you feel and why you do not want a fiddle on your body. Fortunately for him this does not last 9 months.

Your pregnancy can be a wonderful period. But many women sometimes find it a frustrating period from a sexual point of view. Many expectant mothers think that you may not be sexually active during your pregnancy, because it could, for example, cause a miscarriage.

There is nothing of that. You can just have pregnancy sex and enjoy sex toys. Yet there are a number of things that you have to take into account. In this blog you can read all about the use of sex toys while you are pregnant.

Is pregnancy sex or pregnant masturbating safe?

Many experts say that an orgasm – even an intense orgasm with a vibrator – is safe for women with a normal and healthy pregnancy. Do you get green light from your doctor, gynecologist or midwife? Then you can just have sex and use sextoys!

Orgasms during your pregnancy

In fact, masturbation and orgasms can help relax and de-stress, which is good for you and your baby. You could basically get a peak during your pregnancy because of the increased blood flow to your uterus and vagina.

Are vibrators safe during pregnancy?


In general, vibrators are very safe sex toys during pregnancy. Vibrations of a vibrator are often nothing compared to other physical activities. Think of walking or cycling where your uterus and surrounding muscles also have to deal with vibrations. Moreover, these are safe activities that require much more effort from the body than self-gratification.

Do not be too rugged

Vibrations will not harm the baby or an expectant mother. at least when you do not use sex toys too rough. This means that you do not have to insert a vibrator or dildo too hard and too deep. When you proceed cautiously, you can enjoy your private moment without worries.

If you want to use powerful copies, it is best to ask permission from your gynecologist or midwife. You can simply discuss this with these professionals. You have nothing to be ashamed of and a big chance that they will get that question more often.

Which sextoys expertsrecommend?

Many toys are suitable for use during your pregnancy. Think of a dildo of about 15 centimeters for example.

Can I use lubricant in pregnancy?

Yes that is allowed. Your cervix is ??well sealed and nothing can penetrate the uterus. But maybe you do not need a lubricant right now. Most women are more humid from below in pregnancy

Can I receive oral sex?

Yes, provided you know that you and your partner are free of the HIV virus. If you do not have a monogamous relationship, it is wise not to have oral sex. There are indications that the virus could cause contamination of you and your baby through small wounds in your vagina.

Is it safe to have sex with a big belly?

Yes, you may have sex as long as your membranes are not broken, or your doctor or midwife has said for medical reasons that it is better not to have sex anymore. If your belly is getting heavier, it is important to have community in other positions than the missionary position male above the woman below. The weight of your partner can be stressful for your stomach. If you suffer from your pelvis, try out positions where you do not have to stretch your legs so wide, for example ‘doggie’ or in side position with your partner behind you.

Can we have anal sex?

In principle, there are a few conditions:

  • Never go from anal to vaginal without thoroughly cleaning the penis first this also applies to outside of pregnancy. The anus contains bacteria that are harmful when they come vaginally.
  • If you have hemorrhoids, it is not wise to have anal sex. Hemorrhoids that break can cause serious bleeding.
  • And of course if your doctor or midwife have given the advice not to have sex, this also applies to anal sex.

Always use a condom if you do not have a monogamous relationship!