Swinging With the Times

Nowadays, it’s not strange to hear stories about couples experimenting with all sorts of kinks and fetishes. The older you get, the more mundane and dull your relationship becomes. And seeing how that applies to most couples, it’s no wonder why they try to spice up and enhance their private lives in many ways.

Since the turn of the century, societal stigmas and taboos have become less important to your run-of-the-mill folks. The sex revolution came and went, and with it, it brought certain freedoms for all kinds of groups and individuals. But besides your regular LGBTQ rights, the public began to embrace hetero fantasies too. Now, one of the most popular fantasies and lifestyles in the United States is swinging.

It’s a deliberate choice by both partners to be open to having intimate relationships with other people. Sometimes they’d go out together looking for potential partners, while at other times, they’d do it solo. It’s the quintessential open sexual relationship, lacking any kind of jealousy and judgment. But unfortunately, it’s not for everyone.

Sharing your hubby or wife is a bit more delicate than some other kinks. It’s pretty easy to hurt each other’s feelings. Therefore, we think it’s best to go into detail about everything that surrounds this type of relationship. So, without further ado, we suggest you hold on tight because it’s going to be one Hell of a ride!

What Is the Swinger Lifestyle?

Essentially, swinging is a kink that implies that both partners enjoy having multiple sex partners outside their relationship. Although it might seem like cheating at first glance, it’s far from it. Both partners agree to it, making swinging the basis of an open relationship. It’s pretty much built on mutual consent and trust.

In some cases, these couples attend swinger parties, looking for other couples to swap partners with. Moreover, it’s a great chance to experience group sex or even an orgy. But it’s not always necessary. Sometimes, swinging means that just one partner will be involved — with their significant other’s approval, of course.

This variation leads to other fetishes, for example, cuckolding and hotwifing, meaning you can have a swinger wife, while her husband enjoys being humiliated by letting her do all the “cheating.” Either way, it’s important to have full consent for a swinging relationship to work. Otherwise, it’s just cheating, and that’s wrong.

Why Do Couples Want to Try It?

It’s not uncommon to hear about couples breaking up because of bad sex. In most cases, the lack of quality action in the bedroom lies at the root of most divorces and breakups. It’s unfortunate, but that’s just how couples work. You want excitement and fun — otherwise, you’d feel like you’re wasting your time.

And for your life to get back on track, it’s key you spice it up a bit. Moreover, it’s important to escape the routine. Therefore, it’s easy to understand why men and women would like to experiment with such a relationship style. It allows you to have new experiences with several sexual partners, breaking the shackles of conservative concepts of a monogamous relationship.

All in all — it’s new, and it’s interesting. And in some ways, swinging helps partners bond even more on a different level. It can rejuvenate your affection for each other while still helping you experiment with different people. But like other fantasies, it’s not for everyone.

Possible Issues and Dangers Couples May Encounter

Although swinging can prove to be the best decision you could make, it can come with issues and dangers too. Sex and intimacy are delicate things, meaning they carry burdens of their own. One of them is jealousy. No matter how strong a person you are, sharing your partner with someone else can be the beginning of many problems.

Lots of couples go into swinging, thinking they can handle the pressure of swapping their partner. Sometimes, it works great — if there’s no ego involved. But, most of the time, it doesn’t go so smoothly. Having a number of sexual partners can distort your confidence and feeling of self-worth. In other words, it’s a make or break situation.

On the other hand, sexually transmitted infections can become a common problem if you don’t take care of things the right way. For instance, having group sex without adequate preparation and hygiene will surely lead to health issues. Therefore, it’s important to change condoms if you’re having sex with multiple partners.

Also, having sex with strangers you met at a swinger club isn’t the smartest idea. Unless you know them, you can’t be sure if they carry something dangerous with them. Experienced and mature swingers always make sure their new friends are clean and safe to be around.

Is the Swinger Lifestyle for You?

If you’re looking to try swinging, you should ask yourself a couple of questions first. Since we’ve said it’s not for everyone, it would be dishonest to promote it without making sure you could handle it. To have a successful sex life that involves fantasies and kinks, it’s key you thoroughly prepare your relationship for it.

Firstly, how bad is your sex life? In case you’re having less and less pleasure with your partner in bed, you should bring it up in conversation. Try something simpler first, like maybe role-play or sex toys. And in case that doesn’t fulfill your desires, suggest something like experimenting with other people.

On the other hand, ask yourself how jealous are you in real life? If you resemble a person who’s more possessive than others, swinging will only make even more problems for the two of you. Trust is the basis of swapping partners. If you don’t see yourself or your partner accepting that you could have more fun with a third person, forget about an open relationship.

Also, the question of sexual health is as important as anything else. Many people go into swinging without considering the dangers of STIs. That’s not really what you should do if you want to have a good time. Therefore, choosing partners not only by their looks in a swinger club, but also by getting to know them will prove to be more important.