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farronanddeepgAbout the Hosts Farron Dozier and SCT Dee
SFC, CEO, Patient Advocate Farron Dozier, Volunteer Patient Advocate for Sickle Cell Trait (SCT) and Sickle Cell Disease, champions awareness about the Sickle Cell Trait and for a community of individuals and families effected by the condition and disorder.

A 24 year member of the United States Armed Forces, SFC Dozier advocates to raise awareness of the SCT for military personnel, athletes, and especially youth engaged in sports. He works with national services, faith and community-based organizations to create a lasting positive impact and dispel myths around the condition effecting millions of men, woman and children around the globe.

Dozier is the visionary of the I AM WDC Achievement Award; recognition of youth and adults who overcome obstacles, adversities and challenges as a result of the sickle cell trait and sickle cell disease. He is a collaborator on Public Service Announcements raising awareness about the issue of sickle cell disease and the sickle cell trait empowering listeners in health awareness and healthy life choices. SFC Farron Dozier is an affiliate member of the SCD Soldier Network and Moretta Solution Team Network, and actively gives back to military families, communities and at-risk youth in America.

stopsicklesexbnrWhat is WDC Radio?
WDC Radio is an 1 hour Internet radio talk show that invites weekly guest around health care, community leaders and patients of various health issues to provide information and share their personal experiences; living with the Sickle Cell Trait, the Disease,Thalassemia, Red Blood Cell Conditions and Disorders and yes Lupus too. Listeners benefit by learning from others in their situation, as they understand and find:

1. They are not alone and that there is no shame in what they are experiencing

2. Useful information pertaining to their specific health condition whether it be the Trait, SCD or Lupus and the differences between each condition

3. Families of those living with these conditions can also find support and information. It is just as important for a caregiver or family member to understand how to care for someone living with these conditions.

4. Expert knowledge, Research information and Resources provided by Dr Lakiea Bailey, PHD and or Dr Kiana Johnson

5. Becoming a Soldier – WDC offers each guest host the opportunity to voice what they would like to change in our community, should that guest be interested WDC will provide you with information on how to become a soldier in this fight! We need all the soldiers we can get to truly achieve our goals!



Contact: 323.215.5384
E-mail: fdd@whatzdacount.com
E-mail: farron@latalklive.com
Website: www.wdconsctawareness.org

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