Veteran’s Day Live!

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Veterans Day LIVE! The Nation’s Voice for Veterans!
Every Sunday @ 01:30 PM PST
Hosted by Veterans SP/4 Vaneric Marshall & Deandre ” Big Dre” Adams
Vaneric MarshallRetired Army SP/4 Vaneric Marshall is a proud veteran of the US Army, retiring many years ago after 4 years in the military. Vaneric has become an expert at helping other Veterans find funding for emergency and long-term housing, as well as educating Vets on the many programs and services available (sometimes outside the normal channels) to assist them in continuing their education and job-retraining and placement.


Big DreRetired Army Deandre “Big Dre” Adams was born in Los Angeles, California and spent his teen years living in Mississippi where he attended school. He was recruited from Louisiana State University to play with the Seattle Mariners farm team before he suffered a shoulder injury. After his recovery, he was able to become a Ranger in the military that prepared him later for several security positions including security detail at the Beverly Hills Hilton and then celebrity bodyguard work for a variety of high profile personalities such as Will Smith, Black Eye Peas, Kirstie Alley, Eric Roberts and B.B. King.

His current clients include Draya Michele (Basketball Housewives), Silk The Shocker and several other high profile athletes and diplomats. Celebrity Bodyguard is the brainchild of Dre who wanted to create an opportunity for the average person to be able to compete for the chance to be trained and mentored to pursue their dream working in the executive protection world of the entertainment industry.

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