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jkpgbnrAbout James Kinney
James Kinney, a serial entrepreneur is happy to be alive today and working to transform the way America works. After having to learn to walk again following two car accidents that nearly ended his life and overcoming a severe anxiety and depression triggered by a brief career on Wall Street, his inspiration was born.

After this grueling recovery, Kinney turned $200 into a 7 figure group of companies that he maintains equity in across the country. A featured mind on CNN, SXSW, NBC Smart Money and The Examiner among other leading media outlets.

He is the author of the widely recognized 30KFT Insights for Post College America and was recently featured with Northside Innovation for a lighting talk with DELL and Microsoft on the future of the American workforce. Kinney‘s clients include brands such as Toyota, Belkin, Morgans Hotel Group, ELLE Magazine and FIJI water. Kinney has raised over 2.1 million dollars in venture capital and is an avid supporter of The Tony Hawk Foundation.


cohostAbout Amber Valdez
Amber Valdez is a former NFL Cheerleader, TV Host and Reality Star turned Life Purpose Cheerleader. Born in Northern California and raised in Seattle, Amber made her the way to the City of Angels and for almost ten years, interviewed some of the biggest names in TV, film, sports and gaming.

After dabbling as a reality star and the fan favorite on “Beverly Hills Nannies” airing on ABC Family in 2013, she got clear on her purpose and began her true calling as a Life, Career & Relationship Coach and moved her hosting passion to online audiences.  Diving into transnational work and leadership training, Amber has coached over 100 individuals to date to be the best versions of themselves. She is now on a mission to inspire one million+ people to live their life purpose and create LOVE.

Amber believes in the power of affirmations and showcases her signature “Stickie Affirmations” (post it’s) during her inspirational Youtube videos and daily broadcasts on Periscope TV. In 2014, Amber was featured in the book “Going Supernova: The Bold Paths of 101 Super-Achievers” Amber’s story is titled, From Victim Conversations of a dysfunctional family to manifesting dreams into reality.

Amber is the creator of a affirmations and meditations app that will launch June 2016 and her first book “Stickie Affirmations to Live your Purpose” will be released in early Fall.


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