The Dialogue – Real Talk! Real People!

Hosted By Starlett Quarles
Wednesdays @ 5 PM Pacific

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starqhdAbout the Host Starlett Quarles
Starlett Quarles is the Host of THE Dialogue, and President of Urban X Marketing, a niche marketing company that specializes in branding, marketing and reaching a generation. Not just any generation, but the neXt generation of urban entrepreneurs, professionals and community leaders.

About the Show
A well-respected and growing community development leader in and around the Los Angeles area, Ms. Quarles holds a firm commitment to enhancing the business acumen and community redevelopment paradigms of her peers of young minority professionals and entrepreneurs.

The goal of THE Dialogue is not only provide a community voice to Southern California’s young professional network (target ages 25-45), but to also provide a Call-to-Action for this generation to “Step up to the Plate” by engaging in conversations that are relevant to the legacy building and overall economic redevelopment strategy for today’s urban marketplace. While

THE Dialogue is poised to be a platform for the young progressive voice, it’s definitely more than just a talk radio show, but an opportunity to identify, meet and expand upon its dynamic network of young leaders who are shaping the City of Los Angeles into a global and sustainable environment that will thrive for generations to come.

Each month, THE Dialogue presents a series of weekly conversations around a specific socioeconomic topics faced by many young professionals. Local professionals, business owners, and community leaders are invited on the show as LIVE in-studio guests to provide their insight on the subject matter, as well as have an opportunity to promote their product, service, business, and/or event.

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